Police say race not a motive behind Chicago attack: Was race really to blame for this?

  • The perpetrators made racist comments.

    Any time a person makes racist comments while committing an act of violence against someone how is race not an obvious factor in the act? Of the roles were reversed nobody would be question whether the white people were racist or not. This is pure racism and bigotry and the liberals are trying to downplay it as just an act of bullying.

  • Yes, race was to blame for the violent attack on a mentally disabled white man in Chicago.

    Yes, race was to blame for the violent attack on a mentally disabled white man in Chicago. The listener can clearly hear in the Facebook Live video posted by the perpetrators that the people who carried out this act voiced their disdain for Donald Trump and white people. This is clear evidence of a hate crime.

  • Racism goes both ways

    Many people don't believe that racism is a two way street, they believe that only white people can hate people for their colour, but this isn't true. It's been reported comments regarding the victims race were made many times during the video. While there may be other motives behind this horrible crime, I don't see how you can discount race entirely.

  • At the moment there hasn't been evidence it was because of race

    It is easy to jump to conclusions because the victim was white skinned and the 4 guys doing the hurting were black skinned. That doesn't automatically mean race was the reason for the horrible attack. It is a very high profile case so more should come to light so we can definitely conclude motives and suitable punishment for the disgusting animals.

  • No, race is not to blame for this.

    The video of a mentally challenged man being tortured is horrific. Whilst in the video, the attackers are heard making anti-white statements, the police have stated race was not a motive for this attack. The victim is a school acquaintance of the attackers and was most likely a victim of bullying.

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