• Yes, police shootings are unique to the United States.

    The United States is the only country in the world that has this kind of police brutality. If you look at statistics of police shootings in other countries like the UK, the numbers are practically non-existent. The mindset of our citizens greatly contributes to these shootings, as police have an authority complex causing them to be trigger happy, while citizens have an untouchable complex where they think they don't have to listen to authority.

  • It doesn't seem to happen elsewhere.

    The problem with police shootings appears to be a uniquely American problem, because there are not news reports of these things happening in other places. Other countries have different rules about whether law enforcement can use force and under what circumstances. In addition, other countries do not have the socioeconomic and political makeup that American has, and this has led to a disconnect between law enforcement and the citizens they purportedly serve.

  • Yes, the problem of police shootings is unique to the United States.

    Yes, I believe the problem of police shootings is unique to the United States if one is to reflect on the history of racism and inequality. The issue needs to take into account the complications of systemic racism and violence against people of color in the United States and the power that police hold over certain communities.

  • No, police shootings are not unique to the United States.

    Many other countries experience police and military shootings. The United States does not have a unique problem on our hands. Police shootings are more publicized in the United States and have wider news and social media coverage. People in other countries are probably not as concerned about police shootings in the United States just as we are not monitoring all police shooting in other countries.

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