Police stun school janitor: Do police need extra training to overcome language barriers and cultural differences?

  • Yes, police force should be trained to deal with cultural differences.

    In order to properly uphold the laws of the country the police force must be in touch with its population's cultural sensibilities. Every police officer should receive language training in order to better communicate with citizens. Miscommunication between a police officer and a citizen could have deadly results for both sides.

  • Police Need Better and More Training

    Police brutality and racial profiling are two very real issues in the USA. Typically, the people who are the victims of these evils are POC or foreign. I think this is because the police are uneducated about other cultures. We should ensure that police officers and other figures of authority are taught about non-americans and non-white people. They'll be more understanding. Then, there will be less brutality.

  • Police should be trained to be effective and just in the face of ever increasing diversity

    Let's face it. If you read the headlines, almost every other day there is a headline or story about police brutality and injustice. Whether we are hearing about it more because the victims are speaking out louder or because more incidents are occurring is irrelevant. We all have inherent prejudices. The problem is when we don't challenge our own usually misguided preconceived judgements, when we believe our own little world view is the only world view. This problem is compounded when one is place in a position of power, such as the police. The police need more training. They need training to recognize their own inherent prejudices, they need guidance to help them challenge their own world views and they need education and sensitivity training to expand their working knowledge of how to deal with a wide and increasingly diverse population.

  • yes more training is needed to overcome misunderstandings

    Yes police need to have extra training because they fear what they do not understand, Which is a natural human instinct. With more training they will have less fear and less needless errors of judgement. Fewer racial and cultural uprisings and a less fear of the police from the public.

  • Other way around.

    Like it or not, the native language in the U.S. is English. If you live and/or work here, you should be able to speak the language.
    I could see if you lived near the border of Mexico as you may get more tourists from there, but this happened in Tennessee. What are you doing all the way out in Tennessee when you don't speak English?
    Look, if I was to travel to some country were they don't speak English, I would try to learn enough to get around. If I was going to go outside the tourist areas, I would want to learn more because there would not likely be someone who speaks English around. If I was going to move there. I would try to learn it as best I could and try to improve even more while there. After all, it is their country, the least I should do is learn the language if I'm going to be inside their country. Problem is, some people don't care about our culture, so they expect us to adapt to theirs.
    To me, the police did nothing wrong. Even if she couldn't understand them, she still would have known they are police. When told to stop, she fled anyway. The police had every right to stop her using non-lethal force.

  • Not generally no.

    Why are police responsible for an immigrant having the necessary skills to integrate into society? I read the story provided. The woman was a legal Guatemalan immigrant, and what's more, the officers even began talking to her in Spanish, and despite that she STILL walked past them and continued running away from them.

    I think more responsibility needs to be put on immigrants to be accountable for successfully integrating themselves into a society. This is why granting huge blanket amnesty's is a bad idea. There is an immigration process for a reason. Legal immigrants are taught the laws, the history, and the culture. They are also taught things like how to tackle language barriers in certain situations. Amnesty recipients forego this entire essential process.

    The cops did nothing wrong, and I would hope they respond similarly if they were given the opportunity again.

  • There are hundreds of languages in the world

    It's simply not possible for anyone to overcome all possible language and cultural barriers. In this particular case, the woman was asked in two languages and could not communicate, and then she fled from police. The police acted to the best of their abilities and could or should not have done anything differently.

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