• It's creating a generation of wusses

    Case and point, it's teaching the younger generations that you can just do away with something you don't like. Don't approve of that opinion? Just say the word, and the offending party is lambasted to hell and back by the thought police. Oh, I'm sorry, did my use of he word 'hell' offend anyone? Suck it up, kiddies. Honestly. In the real world, there's no safe spaces, and people won't adjust their language to suit the fact that none of you can take anything even remotely insulting.
    We need to be teaching these people that words cause no physical harm instead of teaching them that a passing remark is a perfectly justifiable excuse to get someone thrown out of the university they worked hard to get to. I'm not saying that you have to AGREE to what other people say, heck, disagreement is what creates debate in the first place. But flat-out censoring opinions that you don't approve of also kills debate. I'd love to wrap this up with a joke, but [CENSORED TO PRESERVE YOUR FEELINGS]

  • I think that PC culture has gone way too far

    I just want to say that I am against political correctness, I believe that PC is impending my first amendment rights, also people can take advantage of political correctness and censor people that disagree with them if political correctness gets more politically correct. And social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook are blocking people that don't fit the liberal narritive

  • Silencing someone because you do not like what he says? Sounds suspiciously like old man Stalin's hobby.....

    PC is against free speech, simple as that. So it must be stopped.

    Everyone has their own fears and traumas. So the only way to not offend everyone is to be silent. You can say anything, even the most innocent of things, and someone will be offended by it. Example: "bunnies are cute!!" Some one: "Damn you you made me remember my pet bunny which was killed by a dog!!! "

    PC is just damn stupid, a product of developed societies where there are too many special snowflakes...

  • Oh god yes.

    This generation has become very politically correct, to a very extreme point. People are too afraid to say what is on their mind because they know there will be those easily offended special snowflakes fucking everything up. For example, in the US army there was an extremist Muslim who shot and killed 13 other soldiers. Everyone knew that he was a terrorist, but they didn't say anything due to the fear of racial profiling. It's very disappointing and infuriating. I'm not saying it is okay to be racist, sexist, etc., but people have taken it to a point where they try to make any statement about a group of people seem offensive, whether they are actually offensive or not. It makes me very angry to see all these people running around getting offended by the slightest things.

  • Yes yes yes

    You all need to grow thick skin if i say nigga even if its is not the hard er people get so triggered just like if i say retard people need to get a life if you opinion is different people treat you like an alien so i agree with the fact that political correctness gone to far

  • Political correctness has silenced more people than it has empowered.

    Political correctness has led to people being afraid to express their opinions in fear of scrutiny from those who get offended. But offense is subjective and not everyone should have to submit to a certain ideal that they don't agree with in fear that they will be scrutinized as is currently happening. You don't have to agree with anyone else's views, but don't silence them because you don't like them.

  • Basic human decency is not an absurd political position.

    There exists certain basic values that are simply not up for a debate. The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights among some others set up a basic framework for both national and international jurisdictions for the most humane treatment of people as equals, regardless of sex, gender, race, sexual orientation etc.

    What some view as an interception of free speech, is often merely intervention or a negative reaction to speech that violates someone else's rights as a human being. Simply put, one is not allowed to dehumanize or promote harm to someone by their speech without consequences, varying from people being upset, disagreeing with you, refusing to associate with you/give you a platform etc.

    People who complain about the so called PC culture, are often those with the unpopular, dehumanizing views, who are upset about the fact that the general consensus is against their position.

  • No people just don't like the reaction to their speech.

    I disagree with the notion that political correctness has been taken too far. Essentially, taking it too far is when free speech is legitimately being controlled by the government and we can't express what we feel is necessary. That is a long way away from people complaining about push back against offensive words they chose to express. What I see a lot is (person A), expresses some deplorable opinion others take offense to. When others start retaliating by suggesting (person A) be fired, or other things, all of a sudden (person A) complains about how they can't speak freely. But, (person A) did just speak freely, and others are now using their freedoms to distance you from the main stream. Many people, mostly conservative from personal observations, are simply upset that the ideology of their forbearers is getting more and more taboo. But, that is not a speech issue for all of us to solve, its just individuals wanting to engage in speech others don't like. Deal with the backlash or keep it to yourself

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