Political correctness: Is Political Correctness mainly helpful to society?

  • Yes, polital correctness shows inclusion and understanding

    By displaying political correctness, one is admitting that he or she is not alone in the world, does not understand how others feel and that stereotypes are not a blanket description for any members of a certain race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation. Being politically correct is not a negative term and is something viable for global understanding.

  • It's never helpful!

    Political correctness is terribly harmful to society, as it demands complete "equality" for everyone and everything, which is impossible. It silences noble rights such as freedom of speech. If you dare to criticize, let's say immigrants from North Africa in Europe and what they do here, you are automatically labeled a "racist". Political correctness basically tells us to overlook problems and to pretend that everything is fine.

  • Political correctness bashes religion

    Although political correctness protects certain religions from discrimination, It turns anyone who is against the popular societal ideas of modern America into the villain just for stating their view on said issues. These ideas which may be rooted in religion are fought against by modern pop culture and the "in" crowd every day. Stop this ludicrousness!

  • PC is ridiculous

    Political Correctness has gone way too far in the United States, in my opinion, and no, it's not helpful to society. We can't use this word and we can't use that word; all of a sudden some words are "bad," and we're at the point of revising some works of classic literature that used those words back when PC didn't rule. You know what? There are more important things to do and problems to solve than this.

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