• Its too close to call

    I think both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are good democratic candidates with good causes. But i think its too close of a fight to call right now as they both have a large number of supporters and go neck to neck. But recently, Bernie Sanders seems to have gotten the upper edge and is winning in some regions over Clinton

  • Sanders will end up defeating Clinton

    Sanders has been gaining on Clinton in the polls for several months now and is the more relatable candidate. With Trump attacking Bill Clinton now and bringing up past history, Hillary seems to be struggling while Sanders keeps on gaining followers. Additionally, with MoveOn's endorsement, I believe Sanders has enough in his arsenal and enough followers to defeat Clinton and become the Democratic presidential nominee.

  • Bernie will win out over Hillary

    Though Hillary has a louder voice among the Democratic Party, Bernie's platform and mission aligns with a greater population, including some Republicans, myself included. I believe this momentum will continue to grow in his favor over the coming months, ultimately leading to Bernie winning the Democratic nomination for presidential election.

  • Bernis is Doomed.

    While Bernie Sanders is a breath of fresh air in politics,with his fresh voice and honest opinions, the Democratic Party is aligned for Hilary. His policies and speeches call out and anger those in the establishment, which is why he won't get their support. Without this support, his bid to become presidnet will fail. Which is a shame.

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