Political donations: Are political contributions from big businesses corrupting the political system?

  • Big businesses are corrupting the politcal system

    Undeniably, political contributions from big businesses are corrupting the political system. Any electoral race, especially for the White House, should be about who is the best candidate to do the job, not who is the candidate with the most money. These big businesses donations have completely corrupted the political system by greatly benefiting candidates with big-money backers instead of candidates who have something genuine to offer.

  • The political process is bought and sold by corporations

    When the political system is swamped with donations from big corporations, it is minimizing the strength of the single voice. The American system was designed to give equal voices to all Americans and not give weight to a select few, allowing them to overwhelm representatives with their motivations and disregard the desires and needs of the few. Our system was originally designed to balance and maintain and equal government for the people, all of the people, and not cater to special interests.

  • Political donations from big business corrupt the political system.

    A democratic society needs to assign equal weigh to all of its members such that no undue influence is given to any specific class of people. If political parties or politicians accept unlimited donations then the wealthiest of businesses will become more influential than any other group in the electorate.

    Big businesses will provide donations only to those candidates that support views that the owners believe to be in the best of interest of the business rather than the best interests of the general electorate. Thus, big business donations are a corrupting influence on a democracy.

  • Politics is corrupt but it also can't be fixed.

    Democracy would only work on paper, just like communism. The only way for people to have real representation is to self-represent and to transition to a really free society, free of centralized, coercive rulerships who wish to push the innocent and naive into a world control grid with no recourse or way out.

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