Politicians on the Internet: Would you take a selfie with Hilary Clinton and post it to social media?

  • Yes, I would take a selfie with Hilary Clinton

    Hilary Clinton is one of America's most influential political women at this time. Everyone in politics is curious what she is up to and who she is spending her time with, especially if she is considering a 2016 Presidential campaign. If a political figure wants to take a selfie with her, I think it is important for their character and social status. It shows that they are involved with similar events that Hilary Clinton is. Therefore, they think like she does and must be as important as her.
    These selfies could also be used against Hilary, if a public official so chose. They could take a picture of Hilary at an event to highlight negative press for her. This might be a slightly more difficult feat, but nonetheless, could still be achieved.

  • Politicians are People

    Politicians in photos with normal people is in no way wrong. In fact, making politics more appealing and availible on social networking sites is a benefit. There is a large number of young people who are not currently voting. There should be no harm in a politician acting in a casual way and making themselves easy to relate to.

  • Of course, that would be cool

    Anyone who wouldn't do this is a partisan too concerned with protecting their own fragile grasp on a diminishing political philosophy.

    I think the entire Bush administration should be tried for war crimes, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't take a selfie with Condi rice or Colin Powell.

    Though they wouldn't let me within a hundred feet of dubya.

  • That Would be Awesome

    That would be an amazing experience to meet and have a selfie taken with Hillary Clinton. I am a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton so I would post it just about everywhere. The media making issue of Clinton's selfies is incredibly ignorant seeing that almost every celebrity does it so I do not see the issue of a politician doing it as well; it's just marketing. In fact, I think it is actually quite neat that Hillary Clinton has chosen to take selfies as much as she is. That is an excellent way to appeal to the younger generation and I will honestly say that it works for me.

  • Sure, why not?

    I don't have strong feelings for Clinton herself, but I don't see the problem with taking a selfie and posting it online. In fact, selfie "controversies" seem unbelievably childish and a waste of brain power. To me, it's no different from posting a regular photo of you with a celebrity online. It's not harming anyone. Who cares?

  • She's no looker.

    No, I would not take a selfie with Hilary Clinton and post it social media, because she looks kind of old these days. I wouldn't want my social media page to have an old politician on it. Besides, my friends would make fun of me, because she is not very popular among my group.

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