Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 48 points among millennials. Will she win in a landslide?

  • Clinton Will Win

    Trump is too much of a loose cannon for him to actually win. I believe Clinton will win by a significant margin. There will be no questions about it but then again that is probably why the "rigged election" that Trump keeps bringing up is being brought up in the first place.

  • It's looking good for her.

    Millennials have lived through the recession and tough times. They want someone who is going to promise to take care of them, even if it is not sound economic policy to practice socialism. Millennials think it sounds good, and they don't bother to think about the consequences. Clinton is leading many other groups as well, and it is looking like she will win the election.

  • Clinton set to win in a landslide

    Hillary Clinton appears poised to win the presidential election in a landslide. All the polls are going her away, as support for Donald Trump erodes and third party candidates fade. She now leads Trump by double digits in many recent polls. He has lost the support of his own party.

  • Clinton's win is not expected to be a landslide

    Despite ongoing efforts to get millennials to vote, they still make up a small percentage of voters. The older age ranges are most of the voters. Although Hillary Clinton is expected to win easily of Donald Trump, it is not expected to be a landslide. There are still many Trump supporters.

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