• Polling numbers do favor Trump

    While pulling numbers do very, many of the polling numbers due favor Trump. What is interesting is that so many polling numbers in the wake of the election, were incorrect. This brings up the question of whether or not polling numbers can truly be relied upon. At this point, I would say a resounding no.

  • Well, He's President Elect

    During most of the time leading up to the election Hillary Clinton actually led in the polls on most news networks. We all know how the presidential election turned out though. I don't believe that polls are a very good way to figure out who is going to be president.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Hillary Clinton is heading for a landslide victory over Donald Trump. But wait. Trump is pulling ahead and could take the White House. No, Clinton has a clear lead and is gaining ground. Nearly every day, a new poll comes out touting a different result, leaving voters wondering what to believe. Online polls, for instance, allow people to respond at their convenience and state their intentions without fear of judgement from a live interviewer.

  • I don't but it depends

    I do think the segment of white mostly men who put Trump over the top are from more rural/outlying areas and aren't generally part of a population that gets polled, so I don't think they were included in most of the data. For future polls, it's pretty clear that their numbers need to be included. Clinton still won the popular vote by over a million people.

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