• In a way...

    Not really a safe bet, but she is basically the least awful choice the U.S. has in this election. We're basically screwed either way, but at least with Clinton, we can kind of figure out what she's going to do, whereas with Trump, he could destroy foreign relations in a matter of minutes.

    Posted by: RM21
  • Yes, a Clinton White House is a safe bet.

    Yes, a Clinton White House is a safe bet, but she has not won it yet. She must continue to fight for the presidency and she should campaign over the next week. It is the safest bet, however, that she will be president. She leads in most major national polls.

  • 93% chance for Clinton indicates her presidency

    Clinton is so far ahead of Trump in any poll you read that it won't be surprising if she eventually becomes President. Her trip to the White House has certainly been a rocky one, with scandal after scandal trailing behind her, but she has proven herself to be an excellent leader who is capable of moving past this and onto success.

  • Absolutely Not, but...

    Trump is just as dangerous. I'd prefer neither and refuse to pick a side simply for the fact that they both could end up getting us into another war (due to stupidity or pure evil). It really makes me wonder why didn't people vote for Bernie as the democratic nominee.

  • No, I do not believe that having a Clinton in the White House is safe.

    I would much rather have an idiot and loud mouth in office than someone who has allowed American Soldiers to die without doing anything to help save them. Especially when she knew that she could have helped save their lives. Someone who does not think that he/she should try to save as many lives as possible does not need to be in office.

  • No, I do not believe Clinton will take the White House.

    No, I do not believe that Clinton will take the White House. Although polls show Clinton ahead, polls are not a definite indicator of where the votes will go. Polls are not taken by the entire voting population and can often be manipulated. I think there will be a very large voting turnout for Trump that will blow the polls away.

  • It is wrong to assume that Clinton will win.

    The press should refrain from such predictions since there is still time before the election and premature predictions as to the outcome of the election can discourage voter turnout and ultimately influence the actual election results. The democratic process should be allowed to play itself out without undue influence by any sources, especially given the media bias that is evident in this election.

  • Want Clintons and bushes running our country?

    Just have a bad feeling Hillary has a hidden agenda she will run away with if President. Do we want relatives of past Presidents running the country. Hence Bushes and Clintons!! If people like the way things are now then vote Clinton in if change is wanted then I would vote 3rd party.

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