Polls show Trump and Clinton are deadlocked in Colorado and Pennsylvania. Are the polls accurate?

  • Currently, the polls are likely to be accurate.

    While it is difficult to currently make a judgement about the way these states will swing at this current time given that the difference between the two candidates’ polling numbers is so small as to fall within the margin of error, it is likely that the polls are correct at this current time. However, this doesn’t mean that the polls will match voting patterns on Election Day. Numerous factors suggest that the polls will turn in Clinton’s favour as the big day approaches.

  • Yes, I think so.

    This year voter attention is unusually high, the last three elections have shown less movement in polls than in previous campaign years. Voter polarisation has gotten a lot stronger, which means voters are less and less likely to consider the other candidate. The protest vote can have potential to really impact the outcome when it comes to the election.

  • No, the polls are not accurate.

    No, the polls are not accurate because Clinton will end up winning big in both of those states. Too many people are never polled leading up to the election, and many people might still change their minds. The debates will bring a lot of people to one side or the other.

  • No, polls are not accurate

    Polling can be manipulated and may not representative of the general population. Polling information may not be accurate due to the manner that the polling questions are asked or based o the polling population that is used. For example, if a pollster asks questions by making phone calls during the middle of the day, he will get different responses than conducting the poll during the evening.

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