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  • Humility I would agree is a major 'perceived' shortcoming of Trump. I would argue that the message he is trying to convey doesn't lend to the notion of humility at least not yet. He is touting himself a winner and backing it up. This is the campaign trail you are selling yourself and as a businessman and real estate mogul you promote the positives and diminish shortcomings. His opponents are displaying his lack of experience already. This isn't to say after he is elected you don't see another side that isn't campaigning. I would argue his past interviews (particularly the earlier ones for example Oprah/Trump 1988) display the opposite of what you're saying. I would say Clinton the opposing front-runner is equally if not more so lacking in humility. Wisdom is definitely a relative term that is based on your perspective/experience. I would argue that his experience/knowledge about trade specifically would embolden and bring forth growth to American commerce and trade. People see changing from Liberal to Conservative as a negative, I call it growth. Which he has shown in more than one occasion. Instead of being a staunch republican or democrat politician he instead goes with what he believes (or with what benefits him to be fair). He still has views that are argued as being socially liberal by his conservative counterparts. To affect actual change you are going to need someone that is going to reach across the aisle to benefit the American people. I would say that Trump's ability to negotiate deals would bode well in this regard as well as his ability to go between parties depending on what he feels is just.

  • Governance requires wisdom and humility, and Trump fulfills neither requirements.

  • Before I tell you why I don't support Trump, let me ask you a question. If you knew someone with god-like powers, but used them to hurt and to pain humanity, would you support him? If you were negotiating for peace, you would want both sides to be happy. Trump would interrupt everyone with sentences like "We have to for their families," or "All Muslims are terrorists," or many more. This would cause more wars than anything else.

  • Hail Trumpler.

    Posted by: Letrus
  • cuz he's a loser

  • No No No No No!!!!! Trump is cancer to this country. We cannot have a President who discriminates people because of their religion or race.

  • Trump doesn't have any leadership skills. As a leader you must think about all of your people and their well being. Trump only thinks about himself.

    Posted by: Samon
  • Martin Luther King Jr. fought hard until his death to ensure equality all over the world. What Donald Trump is doing, is splitting and discriminating. He claims that immigrants are the reason for most of the crime and violence that happened. That certainly isn't true. Violence comes from any race, and with him doing this, he is creating even more violence. He wants to build a wall in Mexico to keep them out of the country, when 1. Hispanics were here first and 2. they have done so much for this country. They fix, clean, and do the labor that his people do not want to do. Who wants a president that will bring more violence in this world than peace? Certainly not me.

  • Donald Trump would make a HORRIBLE president. He's racist. He's extremely selfish. He's always changing his opinions for the sake of the public. He uses his money for his own personal benefits. He always wants attention and sometimes does stupid things just to get attention! If Donald Trump is president, then the already existing issues of sexism, racism, job discrimination, unethical situations, and much, much more will get even worse instead of gradually decreasing over time. After all, racism is still a big issue in the US but thanks to many inspiring figures such as Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Jackie Robinson, and many more, racism has greatly decreased in the US. If Donald Trump is elected president, then the US will go back to being the racist country that it used to be when slavery was still legal due to the fact that Trump is racist. Donald Trump always says, "Make America great again." He should try making himself great again by growing up and not just thinking about himself or thinking about what business he should put his money towards.

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vortex86 says2016-03-11T17:23:57.8646610Z
@Lifeis42. I would question that anything you said was based on any bit of factual evidence. "All muslims are terrorists"? I would say he's actually specifically said things to the contrary of this actually. "I Love the Muslims". I would also question if his business ventures in Dubai show his disdain for muslims.. This is hyperbole that is easily refuted but widely accepted. Http://www.Newsmax.Com/Newsfront/trump-muslims-love-them/2015/09/20/id/692424/ How would any of his policies hurt and harm humanity? Most of his policy suggestions are for bettering lives.

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