• Yes

  • No

55% 16 votes
45% 13 votes
  • Ok I like him. However I am still not entirely sure about him. I like his policy and his humstca but I am still wary of him.

    Posted by: xhammy
  • He's honest. He basically says what I think. He's not a politically correct wimp. And so forth, lol.

  • He at least doesn't appear to be going by teleprompter, unlike the other serious contenders. At the very least, he's standing by his convictions.

  • I personally really enjoy the guy and his outspoken nature. At leat you know where he's really coming from on all the issues, you never have to guess.... : ) Go Trump!!!

  • I honestly wouldn't have expected to want to vote for Trump my first time at the polls, but he's won me over.

  • If an incompetent leader mismanages a business, doesn't keep the majority of employees satisfied, doesn't turn a profit and spirals the business further and further into the red, then that business will fail and everyone loses, from management to employees to customers. Now substitute country for business, taxpayer for employee, trade and ally countries for customers. This country needs a major overhaul, it needs to be run like a business, one that profits everyone. Trump is one of the sharpest. Do I want Trump to manage my business, or someone who is going to give away the store?

  • I like the guy for some reason, but I don't support his policies.

    Posted by: Wylted
  • Despite some of his fallacies. I do like him because he is outspoken and is the fire Republicans need.

  • He has no political experience. People hate him from across the spectrum - it may be the way he talks, or his abrupt personality, but he and Palin are probably the most hated people on the right. His immigration plan is ridiculous, and his stances on other issues aren't that appealing to me, so definitely no.

  • He is rich, what does he understand about low income people

    Posted by: zumita
  • His running a hate campaign and thinks politics is a game show. America would be the joke on every country's news paper for four years and become a third world country in two.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-08-30T21:14:55.4786905Z
ramm55 says2015-08-30T23:45:29.2781991Z
stargate says2015-08-31T18:22:58.7392893Z
Why would I?
Varrack says2015-09-01T01:50:05.0830810Z
Wylted is not a Republican. If you don't count him it's evenly split.
Haroush says2015-09-01T11:08:49.8523034Z
People need to stop caring about political experience as you can see the establishment doesn't know what they are doing.

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