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Yes, there is a lacking in creativity. DDO is dying.

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No, creativity is abundance of creativity. DDO is fine.

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Kyris says2017-01-09T17:47:43.3420439Z
I had to look up what DDO even meant. So I'd say it's already dead, at least to me.
Anonymous says2017-01-09T19:12:08.0368436Z
@Kyris - Judging on the fact that you are a new member to the site Debate Dot Org. It is unlikely you were around when the site was good. A couple years back, the site had some intellectual coherence and a vibrant assortment of creativity. There was new content every day, not a regurgitation of content. Even as I type right now, D.D.O is hardly updated and has a variety of bugs that have been addressed by the public but not acknowledged by the site's owners; juggle.Inc. So, overall, the site is dead!

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