• Agar.Io

  • Slither.Io

37% 10 votes
63% 17 votes
  • Because slither.io has VERY laggy servers, since they are hosted on a browser unlike Agar.io. Plus, slitherio is very glitchy, so people die either though a snake never even touched them.

  • Slither.io is too boring. Agar.io is better.

  • Vertix.io >>> slither.io >>> agar.io >>> snake.io

  • You don't slow down over time, and it's easier to defeat other players, including the bigger ones.

  • Like agar.io we dont have to to be bigger to win. But in slither.io we can kill big snakes with small ones.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2016-06-09T15:04:05.3907727Z
@crazykid: I think the second problem is because of lag as well.
TheDebaterGuy101 says2016-06-21T00:29:39.4676025Z
Slither.Io because everybody has a chance, not just the big dudes.
TechnologicalSingularity says2016-06-25T00:26:01.9107251Z
Diep.Io shouts on all you. No, but seriously, I favor Slither.Io, better game dynamics compared to the engulf phagocytosis agar.Io emulates. The boost ability is to be used strategically, and opportunism is at it's peak, in slither.Io, plus everyone is a potential target, the bigger you get, in a way you become more vulnerable.

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