Americans: Iraq vs Ukraine?

Posted by: Mirza

Is America's War in Iraq worse than Russia's semi-intervention in Ukraine?

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Yes, far worse. No contest. End.

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No, we are on the side of good!!!!11one!!!

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Christopher_Carpenter says2015-08-25T08:36:48.6165604Z
It's a pity, this potentially serious subject is presented with complete disregard for alternative views. Either it's "far worse" or your just being delusional. Mirza, I understand that you have your beliefs, and that in itself is beautiful, but I urge you, don't be so quick to assume that you are correct and all who oppose are just idiots or evil. People aren't just some static characters found in books.
tajshar2k says2015-08-25T14:34:01.2481035Z
No Sh*t. Unless you are some far right Republican every in America can agree we screwed up in Iraq.
Varrack says2015-08-25T20:03:11.5362238Z
Whether we messed up in Iraq or not (which we didn't) is irrelevant to the question, which is asking if it was worse than Russia's invasion. Russia attacked Ukraine out of its imperialistic nature, and is trying to annex the eastern half of it. America has never intended to annex Iraq, so their invasion was done on a much different level.
basils says2015-08-25T23:56:09.6746992Z
Where is the both are terrible part?
Mirza says2015-08-26T00:28:45.0068333Z
"Russia attacked Ukraine out of its imperialistic nature" That's not worse, nor do you understand Russia's strategy... At all.
Varrack says2015-08-27T19:53:40.8971913Z
"Russia's strategy" is to bring back the USSR. That's what Putin has been trying to do for a long time.
Mirza says2015-08-27T23:17:12.5462706Z
That's very convincing. I'm on your side now.

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