Are American private schools legally allowed to discriminate based on race?

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Stefy says2015-02-08T20:49:28.8407544-06:00
Whether something is legally allowed is not a matter of opinion it is a fact. Whether it should be is an opinion.
Madtomflint says2015-02-08T20:50:31.9347726-06:00
Civil Rights Act makes it illegal, by the way.
m_i_n_n_y says2015-02-08T20:58:22.2334377-06:00
The Civil Rights Act only applied to public establishments. Hence me asking this question
Madtomflint says2015-02-08T20:59:58.9896319-06:00
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made it illegal for private businesses to discriminate on the basis of race.
m_i_n_n_y says2015-02-08T21:01:01.2480346-06:00
m_i_n_n_y says2015-02-08T21:02:13.9894357-06:00
After public schools were integrated in the 50s, segregation academies popped up all over the South. Because private schools didn't have to integrate (loophole). This process continued for many of the following decades. I'm wondering if this is still allowed by law
Madtomflint says2015-02-08T21:04:58.7846665-06:00
Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination because of race, color, religion, or national origin in certain places of public accommodation, such as hotels, restaurants, and places of entertainment. "Places of public accommodation" includes private schools.
m_i_n_n_y says2015-02-08T21:06:44.3521160-06:00
That's the thing, private schools are not public institutions. They are not open to everyone.
Madtomflint says2015-02-08T21:08:14.5609015-06:00
Restaurants, hotels and theaters are also open to everyone.
Madtomflint says2015-02-08T21:09:37.3173100-06:00
Oops. I misread your comment... According to eeoc.Gov, private schools are subject to the Civil Rights Act.
Madtomflint says2015-02-08T21:11:15.7826164-06:00
I know the word "private" is misleading. It just means it's not a public school, meaning a government run school. It's still a public place.
m_i_n_n_y says2015-02-08T21:13:01.9073755-06:00
Can I see an exact link please? Thanks :)
Madtomflint says2015-02-08T21:14:44.0344188-06:00
m_i_n_n_y says2015-02-08T21:16:25.8526302-06:00
Well, that page was last modified in 1997. Although I'm assuming the definition hasn't changed much since then
Madtomflint says2015-02-08T21:16:34.4962519-06:00
An exception might be a Catholic private school...
m_i_n_n_y says2015-02-08T21:17:21.6758619-06:00
Oh, but that's speaking in terms of employment! I forgot to specify, I was talking about students.
Anonymous says2015-02-08T21:17:24.7033396-06:00
All black schools exist...
Madtomflint says2015-02-08T21:17:26.4037832-06:00
Yeah, I'm sure you're right.
Madtomflint says2015-02-08T21:20:26.5300249-06:00
The Act applies to discrimination against customers. The wording states, "places of public accommodation." The link I gave you states, "A public accommodation is a private entity that owns, operates, leases, or leases to, a place of public accommodation. Places of public accommodation include a wide range of entities, such as restaurants, hotels, theaters, doctors' offices, pharmacies, retail stores, museums, libraries, parks, private schools, and day care centers." So, the term applies to both customers and employees, though it's different legislation.
Madtomflint says2015-02-08T21:22:53.7131944-06:00
Students are technically customers.
briantheliberal says2015-02-08T21:25:52.4257653-06:00
Basils, ...And?
Anonymous says2015-02-08T21:30:44.3256521-06:00
That means yes there is discriminate based on race at private schools. Just not against blacks but whites
Madtomflint says2015-02-08T21:32:55.5554203-06:00
@basils Can you cite an example of a "no whites allowed" school?
briantheliberal says2015-02-08T23:42:54.1292630-06:00
Yeah, please give us an example of an educational institution where white people are not allowed to attend.
Anonymous says2015-02-08T23:45:02.7867706-06:00
Madtomflint says2015-02-09T06:45:29.8650752-06:00
You fail to recognize the difference between historically black schools and blacks only schools.

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