Are Democrats just thick or do they really believe taxing to death and stealing money actually work?

Posted by: Skankhunt41

Middle Class Theft

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They believe everyone should pay their fair share, and the rich should not be able to abuse tax laws to avoid paying taxes.

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Fanatical children who believe in a false sense of equality and justice, when in reality they leech off of workers and middle class people.

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They know you're f***ing retarded, s they can get away with it.

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Yes. Incompetent Elitists hypocrits...All of them

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No. They are sincere when they steal your money

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They believe the individual should contribute to the community.

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Iacov says2016-12-13T21:20:24.3984840Z
It is worth noting this quote from a author I've forgotten the name of. "People on the right truely believe people on the left are wrong. People on the left truely believe people on the right are evil"
ghostdance11 says2016-12-13T22:01:11.9417686Z
I disagree with all of these. Because someone who makes a lot of money SHOULD pay the same amount of taxes (percentage wise) as someone who is poor, but you shouldn't tax people who make higher wages just for that sake. If you think poor people should have less taxes, than rich people need to have less taxes too. As my math teacher once said, "what you do to one side you must do to the other"
PsionicTurtle says2016-12-13T22:34:12.2652629Z
Ghostdance11, but the poor need the money more than the rich because they have less, and they still need access to food, water, electricity, and housing. However the rich do not need to keep as much of their money because is a millionaire or billionaire going to miss a thousand dollars as much as someone who only makes $30,000 a year? And you say that if you lower taxes for one, you should for all, but this would hurt our country more by reducing the amount of money our government has, and we do need that for the many programs we run, such as our national security agencies, but also our law enforcement, education, and helping those in need.
Arget says2016-12-26T23:45:09.1648049Z
"Fanatical children who believe in a false sense of equality and justice, when in reality they leech off of workers and middle class people." I'm not sure were to go with this, or even what you are suggesting since taxes (aka stealing in your opinion) pay for many things. Are you saying it should be okay when it is used to subsidize large corporations but not individuals. Are you suggesting euthanization or enslavement for those who can not survive even temporarily (including orphans, layed off workers, elderly, and homeless vets). Are you suggesting that people pay to build their own roads, or private fire and police departments.

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