Are esports real sports?

Posted by: gamestar

E sports are not sports

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E sports are real sports.

11 votes

E sports are not real sports.

9 votes

I don't care

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gamestar says2018-02-01T16:42:45.5702923Z
How are they real sports it just doesn't make sense
eric.johnson says2018-02-01T19:37:50.6350696Z
I mean while it doesn't require any athletic ability, it still requires massive amounts of practice, skill, and teamwork. I don't think e-sports are sports, they're e-sports. Electronic, their own category, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
gamestar says2018-02-02T16:30:30.2130431Z
Vote for me on this debate.
gamestar says2018-02-02T16:30:57.5288182Z
Nd2400 says2018-02-05T16:32:53.2194253Z
E-sport are not a real sport. Why because it doesn't have the physical elements involved. You don't bleed and sweat, it not competitive. It just a game on a tv screen. So no it not a real sports.
gamestar says2018-02-05T16:35:12.9125134Z
Even though i'm on your side nd400 e sports are competitive just not physical see
Swetepete540 says2018-11-06T19:06:04.7543367Z
This is gamestar from my new account I forgot my passcode so if you want to debate me do it here

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