Are lesbians sick people?

Posted by: maysam.tammar

We all now that God made women for men and men for women. But some people havechanged the role of men and women. And they made some problems for society.

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No they are not

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harrytruman says2016-03-12T14:38:33.9479915Z
The Torah only bans it between a man and a man, and the verse saying that a man must go out and get married to someone of the opposite gender is only said about the man also, so no, probably not.
Death23 says2016-03-12T19:10:11.2788609Z
Sexuality is a psychological adaptation which serves to encourage procreation by encouraging heterosexual relationships. If a woman doesn't find men attractive, then her sexuality isn't serving its purpose; Her sexuality is broken.
PetersSmith says2016-03-12T20:12:37.4556747Z
TBR says2016-03-12T20:17:08.0000536Z
What "problems" do you think this causes?
RandomObserver says2016-03-13T01:02:23.2144940Z
I see 5 votes for "yes" so far (I voted "no" on this issue). Would any of the "yes" voters like to explain how lesbians cause problems for society?
reece says2016-03-13T01:08:11.1658156Z
@Death23 So psychological adaptation is set to serve one purpose? If so, this is how evolution contradicts biblical writing. It's in a nutshell.
reece says2016-03-13T01:11:52.8184168Z
Instead of "purpose", i should of said behavior. But i think you get the point.
missmedic says2016-03-13T16:34:36.9550575Z
I have watched several of their videos and they seem to be strong and healthy.
maysam.tammar says2016-03-13T17:53:45.9414287Z
I dont know how some people say lesbians and gays dont have any problems for society. The number of them is increasing and imagine after few years the number of good families who can have kids and also raise kids with moral issues will be less. And thats a big problem for socity. See the whole society in a good vie not just say they should be free and so on. Why the number of people who are depressed is increasing? And why many kids just have 1 parent? These issues will ruin society in near future
RandomObserver says2016-03-13T18:54:41.2181459Z
You list some potential issues for society: (1) You suggest that there are more lesbians now than before, so you are concerned that they might outnumber the number of heterosexuals. I would suggest (a) since natural selection would favor heterosexual orientation it is unlikely that a majority of individuals would continue to be born homosexual and (b) since we are dangerously close to overpopulating the earth it might be a good thing to have more homosexuals in the population for a while. How does this increase harm society? (2) You suggest heterosexual parents raise moral kids and lesbian parents do not. I can think of a number of children (e.G. Jeffrey Dahmer) who were raised by heterosexual parents, so the evidence suggests we have more to fear from children of heterosexuals. What makes you think lesbians are less likely to raise moral children? (3) You suggest that depression is a problem. I agree that it is bad for society when more people are depressed, but how does it cause you (or anybody else) depression to have a lesbian neighbor? (4) You indicate two parents are better than one. I can agree that is often true, but not universally true. It depends on the quality of the person. I know some lesbians who are better human beings than some of the heterosexual individuals I have met. I can agree that an increase in the number of lesbians might slow down our rush to overpopulate the earth, but I see that as a good thing.
maysam.tammar says2016-03-13T21:48:34.2513378Z
Let me clear it. Don’t u believe that a child needs dad and mom? Mom is someone who give kindness and many things like this. And dad is someone who kid can account on him and many things like this. And being a mom or a dad is something that’s inside a man or mom. A woman can’t be a dad. And one of the problems in this new world is that in many families woman acts instead of the man (this is not our topic but it can help). She works many hours a day and can’t be with kids most of the time and because of this many problems like being depress, violence and moral issues comes to kids. Another thing is that wife and husband increase their moral (u can ask this from psychologists). And this can’t happen between lesbians in this level. And I don’t think there is much love between them like normal wife and husband. Because a man and a woman complete each other but they remove 1 part of that. Another problem is health . Doctors believe that those kind of sex can hurt people , I know this about gays I don’t know about lesbians. And doctors believe that gays and lesbians are mental sick. And about population , don’t worry there is enough space for all of us and this days people don’t like more kids. And one simple thing a man has a …. And a woman has a … that’s clear that normal thing is man’s thing is for woman’s thing. Why should we use toys? Or about gays why should we use a place that’s made for another responsibility? It’s clear sorry if it’s a bit rude My friend u know u see some exceptions that those lesbians maybe care kids but think generally and about increasing them though.
TBR says2016-03-13T21:53:05.4745694Z
@maysam.Tammar - Your reply has been moronic. I just want you to know that. If anyone of good nature wants to pick that mess apart, they are welcome to it, but I am not touching that pile of poo for anything.
RandomObserver says2016-03-14T03:36:03.0417858Z
@maysam.Tammar There was a time when doctors considered homosexuality to be a mental illness. However, that determination was made by people with a personal bias and with very little actual research. By 1973 there had been enough legitimate research into the subject so the American Psychiatric Association removed "homosexuality" from the DSM. In other words, homosexuality is no longer considered a mental disorder.
missmedic says2016-03-14T15:01:24.2918743Z
Now homophobia is a mental illness.........Https://www.Psychologytoday.Com/blog/therapy-matters/201104/scientific-homophobia
RandomObserver says2016-03-15T03:37:28.6881699Z
@missmedic Thank you for pointing that out. I never even thought to look in that direction, but it makes sense.
mostlogical says2016-03-30T16:16:30.2040035Z
Sexuality is linked to your goal in life. If you don't strive to achieve the highest goal i.e. happiness then you're not in good health, something is wrong. Lesbians are not prevented from achieving the simplest high goal like men, lesbians simply choose to seek a low goal possibly to express hate. How can they not be sick?
RandomObserver says2016-03-31T02:22:49.2019852Z
@mostlogical I have never met a lesbian who hated a person for being heterosexual. I have met a number of homophobic people who hate people for being homosexual, and wish homosexuals would just shut up and pretend to be heterosexual. Sounds like the homophobic people are the ones who are unhealthy.
mostlogical says2016-03-31T11:24:40.7205261Z
@RandomObserver - There are plenty of heterosexuals, they are called feminists and will tell nothing but lies to feel superior to men. A Lesbian (and feminist) isn't able or willing to make another person happy, which is why they are sick. Homophobic men are probably homosexual, as it doesn't make sense to hate a man simply because he is gay and seeks to achieve emotional happiness i.e. a high goal. There probably are not as many homophobic people out there as you think, a lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about sex regardless of whether it is of the same sex type or not, and many straight guys want to hear other people's encounters with women as they can learn something from their experience without feeling inadequate, that doesn't make them homophobic.
paypaypay says2016-04-03T12:37:18.7100663Z
The Torah, Bible and Quran only specify men on men. So I don't know
RandomObserver says2016-04-03T15:43:04.4355128Z
It is certainly true that most people are uncomfortable talking about sex. I really think heterosexual males are often uncomfortable with the idea of gay males because most of us have a strong Opposite Sex Attraction. It just feels "icky" to see a couple of guys kissing (for example) because it is so much against OUR nature. The problem is that there are individuals with strong Same Sex Attraction and it would feel "icky" to them to be intimate with a person of the opposite sex because it is so much against THEIR nature. We all have to adapt to our circumstances, so anybody who claims homosexuals are "sick" for adapting to Same Sex Attraction would also have to say a person who is color blind is "sick" for finding a way to adapt to color blindness.
maysam.tammar says2016-04-04T07:30:22.8304245Z
Sickness is clear. If s.O go in a abnprmal way its strange . For example all the normal people use their hands for eating and if u see s,o use his/her feet isnt that strange? We call those sick. Cause god created us in this way that we should opposite sex and if s.O dont like that it shows a sickness
RandomObserver says2016-04-05T17:07:06.4766476Z
@maysam.Tammar if a person is born with nerves that do not work for their arms, so they adapt by using a foot to pick up food, we do not call them sick (unless we are cold-hearted or mean-spirited). We applaud them for adapting to their circumstances.
mostlogical says2016-04-05T19:48:46.6904950Z
Just because someone doesn't look ill doesn't mean they aren't. A lesbian is attracted to women because that aligns with their low goal in life, they choose to be a lesbian just like a depressed person chooses to be depressed. Anyone can make bad decisions, but when your goal is to achieve something that does you and others more harm than good you are ill.
RandomObserver says2016-04-06T23:52:33.9778116Z
If a woman does not want to have children, then being a lesbian would not interfere with that. In fact, it might make it easier for her to attain her goals if her partner is another lesbian (so she does not have to deal with us clueless males). Or are you saying that any woman who does not want children is mentally ill?
Kreakin says2016-04-09T23:02:01.3697724Z
Lesbians increase the population, they make men horny and they go procreate...
thekitty102 says2016-04-20T15:51:03.3393313Z
Lol no silly goose
thekitty101 says2016-04-20T15:55:30.5690443Z
No silly nilly
NannyCraven says2016-05-09T09:33:19.5228015Z
Mmmm feet
NannyCraven says2016-05-09T09:34:04.2794884Z
Mmmm feet
calebnevitt says2016-05-09T18:15:43.2679044Z
Lesbians eat what
rnjs says2016-05-25T11:55:52.9663558Z
We are all sick with sin

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