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Are movie better to watch at home nowadays or going to the movie theater?

Posted by: Nd2400

  • Watching the movies at Home!!!!!

  • Or watching the movies at the Theaters!!!!

45% 5 votes
55% 6 votes
  • When you watch movies at home it's a lot more comfortable than sitting in a crowded movie theatre. Besides, going to the movies is pretty expensive when you think about it because of the price of the ticket and overpriced food.

  • When you go to the cinema's, you get more of an experience of it. It's all on you, the speakers, the lighting, everything. Without having to hassle about things at home. A majority of new movies are at the cinemas, whilst at home theres not much of a seletion.

  • Wrong, it's more expensive if you want to watch the movies at home, if you want to use the same technic. Films are created for the cinema, because the technic used there brings the film to the audience as the directors want it to be. In addition, films are much more realistic with a DolbyAtmos system and a huge screen with a 4k projector.

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Ereri says2017-09-17T03:28:21.1996779Z
Personally, I like watching movies at home a lot better. This way, it is less crowded and a lot more quite (depending on the movie) it is also a lot cheaper than the bought tickets and food.

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