Are people BORN with a little bit of evil?

Posted by: LucyInTheSky

Are people born evil? Tempted by desire and violence ? Or are they simply affected by surroundings. Are people REALLY evil or do they just make bad choices?

  • Yes people are BORN evil.

  • No people are not BORN evil.

51% 27 votes
49% 26 votes
  • We are imperfect. But Jesus died in the cross to pay for our sins.

  • A tendency to do evil is evil. People naturally want to have more power than the person next to him/her and the person next to him/her. So on and so forth. I believe that people are born evil, but if they are raised "properly" then the evil desire should fall. If they are not raised "properly" then the evil desire will grow. I use quotations around the word proper, because everyone has a different way of thinking what is proper for them. That being said since everyone has a different definition of proper, the evil desire may still exist in other peoples' eyes. So possibly the evil desire stays within people forever, but some have learned to control it rather than let it loose.

    Posted by: Bolas
  • My kids came pre-programmed with personality, good and bad

  • yes because we all have flaws

  • I think people are born with the capacity to commit evil. We all probably do, at some point in our lives. Now, I'm not saying that babies are evil. They don't understand the world well enough yet to be evil. Also they are not smart enough; their brains are still developing. So yes, you are born with a bit of evil. But if you try to do good and are sorry for the small acts of evil that you commit, you will be just fine in the long run.

    Posted by: Addy44
  • All humans are born with only their interests in mind, we learn to cooperate and we learn what is "okay" and what is "not okay."

  • No light without darkness.

  • Yes, babies are born into sin and every mother knows that a baby must be taught not to bite, kick or slap others.

  • my toes are cold so i must be evil

  • They are not born evil, they are born with the tendancy to do evil.

  • I'm just going to keep up with the poll.

    Posted by: reece
  • I would say that people have a tendency for selfishness, which cannot be considered 'evil' unless it is purely malicious. Any deed done for one's personal survival can be forgiven, unless that deed needlessly contradicts the rights of another individual. Evolution tells us that any deed, no matter how selfless, if it is not rooted in selfishness, is ultimately stupid.

  • I don't believe in good and evil

  • ill have to say no because evil is based off perspective and your perspective changes over time so in all honestly i think no one is evil if you look at it from there perspective.

  • Everyone is born WITH THE POTENTIAL to do evil.

  • It is DESTINY!!! Babies are not evil!!!!

  • People aren't born evil. I see where you are coming from, but it's not true. People become evil from bad parenting or lack of good parent figures. Only hurt people hurt people.

  • WE are all born with an impulsive side but not an evil one.

  • It's a person's influences and curiosity that makes them commit something "evil". Frankly I don't think anyone is evil.

    Posted by: bhguy
  • They have to have shitty experiences to make em evil(which was the case with Ted Bundy, Ed Gein, Richard Ramirez, and Lawrence Bittaker).

  • my class is making me do this

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reece says2016-01-27T09:00:17.1684159Z
A person might be born genetically prone to violent tendencies with a strong gene expression of the "warrior gene", and ones like it, or your environment could affect such genes during a lifetime which is called epigenetics. Evil is relative.
snkcake666 says2016-01-28T15:51:45.7593342Z
@Reece That is a gene which can easily be overcome, and harmful behavior is not innate. It is a natural increase to aggressive behavior, yes, but not explicitly cruel behavior.
reece says2016-01-28T18:16:59.6325337Z
Like i said - Evil is relative.
LucyInTheSky says2016-02-09T03:15:06.9646058Z
@reece @snkcake666 thank you guys for giving your thoughts!
kachigga says2017-11-28T14:31:01.1830133Z
My toes are cold so i must be evil
boredasf says2017-11-28T14:40:55.3596221Z
Having a purge is the answer to everything
ladiesman says2018-10-10T02:25:18.8337672Z
Are human beings rotten from within or from without? Hobbes believed the former while Rousseau believed the latter. For Hobbes, Humans are naturally vicious and selfish and prone to aggression, And compelled to love and behave morally through institutions. In contrast, Rousseau asserted we are by nature a "noble savage", Our very essence is to be virtuous. Society teaches us to act contrary to our good nature, Therefore we are victims. Social structures and circumstances are to blame for our misbehavior, Not us. IMO, There is good and evil in all of us.

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