Are the donald trump protesters justified?

Posted by: dietorangesoda

Should they be there or not?

  • Yes

  • No

38% 12 votes
62% 20 votes
  • I fight fascists not because I will win, I fight fascists because they are fascists.

  • Only the non violent ones...which is most of them.

  • If people are allowed to act on the right to free speech, one is allowed to exercise his/her right to protest, especially if the speech is basically threatening speech to one's nationality/race/religion/etc.

  • Nobody has a right to try to disrupt someones attempt to gather, hear from candidates and speak freely. No matter how crazy they are. It's a sad, ugly time in American politics and actions like these only make the environment and the split between the people more dangerous. People are way over reacting. Trump is an absolute lunatic. He may be able to win the republican primary, but thats only because its a party full of idiots. He stands no chance at winning an actual national election for president of the United States. However, I do feel like I'm living in Idiocracy sometimes.

  • I'm anti-fascist. Trump isn't a fascist, but the protesters are.

  • Trump is not a fascist or a racist. The protestors are.

  • If they were simply expressing their right to free speech rather than trying to take free speech away from Trump and his supporters then yes it would be okay. But they are disruptive and sometimes even violent, and try to start fights and make the Trump supporters look violent and intolerant.

    Posted by: Leon27
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Liam_Tru says2016-03-17T11:55:06.7911459Z
All Donald Trump does is preach unjustified hate. So why would it be okay for his followers to act on this hate?
mwilliams1014 says2016-03-17T17:04:53.4041135Z
I believe an opinion+constitution justifies their protesting. I am a Donald Trump supporter but I think what these protesters are doing is okay as long as they do it PEACEFULLY. I do not think that protesters at PRIVATE Donald Trump rallies is good though. Trump pays money to use venues. Imagine you buying a venue for your wedding ceremony and people kept protesting your marriage throughout the ceremony...That's what these people are doing, its illegal.
Thegreatdebate98 says2016-03-18T14:37:57.2207105Z
It's a waste of time. Besides, ones personal freedom should not be taken away, even if it is Donald Trump.
idoubtit says2016-03-25T13:03:29.5033177Z
Donald Trump started off simply bringing up the truth of many of the problems in this country, and was immediately vilified by those who feed and thrive on the existence of those problems, who deliberately misrepresented things he said in order to manipulate others to join their ranks. I don't fault Trump for fighting back. He's not a racist or a bigot, and he doesn't preach unjustified hate. Those are things I've seen only from the ranks of the protesters, who are determined to shut down free speech and deliberately try to provoke violence. They don't even know what they are protesting! They think they are protesting hate, but they are the ones actually promoting it. They hate anyone who recognizes and wants to fix the problems in this country.

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