Are the majority of Muslim's in America really "Moderate"?

Posted by: zoops

I do not believe all Muslims are terrorists. I believe there are some "Moderate Muslims" but many of the claimed "Moderate Muslims" are not really moderate at all. Ps. I love everyone and I have had many Muslim friends before, I just don't agree with what they preach.

  • Yes, the majority of Muslims in the US are true "Moderate Muslims"

  • No, the Majority of Muslims in the US are not truly Moderate.

39% 9 votes
61% 14 votes
  • I've yet to encounter a single muslim who attempts to show down their religion down my throat. From my own personal experience, muslims tend to themselves mostly over fear of persecution for their beliefs so they'd rather keep to themselves becoming "moderate muslims" in order to avoid any discrimination and prejudice.

  • You USA have got more problems with protestant evangelical as the worst backwards. Of course american muslims are not progress, but almost half of them support gay marriage, which is the most important reason to not reject them. Evangelical christians just one of three support gay marriage. I myself catholic and I am strong supporter of equality.

  • There aren't "moderate" and "extreme" muslims. There's orthodox and unorthodox muslims. Unorthodox muslims are the ones who don't practice their faith to the extent they're expect to, and only identify as muslims because of their parents or something. Orthodox muslims that follow the religious teachings of islam are normally supporters of terrorists or terrorists themselves. Thing is, the Quran teaches muslims a practice called "Taqiyya" which grants them the ability to lie as long as it benefits the goals of islam, which is world domination. Scarily enough, it's essentially impossible to tell the difference as those who are peaceful people might be a supporter of Sharia law for all you know. Islam is not a religion of peace, so I wouldn't assume a majority of their followers are either.

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