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Video Games Take Skill.

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Not A Sport Video Games Change Attitude And Kill Your Brain.

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Tough Decision.

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Donderpants says2015-08-03T18:09:51.0003647Z
There is no answer I can choose. No, it's not, but the myth that video games rot your brain is just that- a myth. I'm in the very top tier of my year, and all of those around me actually play video games a fair bit, so it seems a bit odd to just say that videogames automatically make you dumb. Please add an option of just plain old no.
TBR says2015-08-03T20:01:02.2628226Z
Yeah, bad poll. Video games are not a sport, but are not part of the strawman presented.
cinabarmanx421 says2015-10-22T16:49:58.2892536Z
@Donderpants I think he was just exaggerating the "No" option.
cinabarmanx421 says2015-10-22T16:51:15.7759437Z
Also, Yes, games are a sport. They take skill, coordination, and teamwork. Just like football or soccer.
wundrweapon says2015-12-16T23:54:00.7996457Z
To add to cinabarmanx421's comment, they also have competition, sometimes against other players and sometimes against AI.
DaBubbs says2017-03-22T17:39:12.9756161Z
You don't have to agree with all of the parts just some gabep.
DaBubbs says2017-03-22T17:40:30.0084161Z
You don't have to agree with all of the parts just some Gabep.
DaBubbs says2017-03-22T17:50:35.1792161Z
Really? Batman?
batmanbw says2017-03-22T17:52:47.0304161Z
All video games do is exercise your thumbs
DaBubbs says2017-03-22T17:53:58.6032161Z
Video games aren't a sport
batmanbw says2017-03-22T17:57:55.6920161Z
DaBubbs says2017-03-22T17:58:12.1344161Z
I'd rather be from Marvel than DC 'cause DC sucks.
batmanbw says2017-03-22T18:00:12.9408161Z
It is true that some games are a sport but they are not screens
DaBubbs says2017-03-22T18:00:22.4724161Z
Liar! They aren't ever a sport
batmanbw says2017-03-23T17:45:57.1610241Z
Video games are bad
DaBubbs says2017-03-23T17:46:48.4690952Z
Once again liar!!!
batmanbw says2017-03-23T17:47:46.2511248Z
Is what video games are
batmanbw says2017-03-23T17:50:24.7461088Z
DC stands for dumb crap
batmanbw says2017-03-23T17:51:23.8229301Z
batmanbw says2017-03-23T17:52:14.0234083Z
Dipper poop
batmanbw says2017-03-23T17:53:30.1931517Z
Call 911 for help
batmanbw says2017-03-23T17:59:51.8315517Z

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