Are you afraid of an automation apocalypse?

Posted by: Stupidape

Do you think automation has the potentional to bring society and the goverment to its knees?

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  • Affirmative.

  • Negative.

26% 5 votes
74% 14 votes
  • Absolutely, I've seen the damage in Flint Michigan via the documentary Roger and Me. GM closed the factory and the Jobs went to Mexico and devastated the town. Imagine all of the USA looking like Flint Michigan. With no jobs there would be no taxes meaning no military nor police. The governments would collapse due to lack of funding and brutal regimes would reign.

  • yes which is why I'm advocating for a new form of economics based on personal manufacturing then just relying on BIG BROTHER. it good that we're getting more done with less manual labor which theoretically should mean less burden on everyone and that people can eventually be"equal". which unfortunately the fact is we're making more people homeless and creating a greater disparity of the have and have notes, especially in a capitalist society as for the socialist dream;it eventually will create a authoritarian state. imagine for example if xi jinping had a country where most of the key infrastructure ran itself with a click of a metaphorical button, so xi just need to acquire said button and people would have to treat him as A God since virtually everyone has nothing left to offer that he needs. except maybe that .01% who would be engineers in his "privileged" inner party we need to make advancement in decentralize tech in order to avoid such a nightmare where humanity may not escape from.

  • we can fight them with nukes

  • It is inevitable, we should in fact plan for when humans are obsolete and work on finding a way to work together. Only then is such a complicated system as socialism possible. I am a firm believer in capitalist system as a way of making those who work rich and will greatly advance technology, but it won't be possible with the devaluation of money when there are no more jobs....

  • Absolutely not. About what we are talking? Are we talking about the AI taking jobs and letting people without job? Thats not a problem, cause there will apear more and more jobs, someone needs to supervise those machines.

    Posted by: Cheech
  • More automation is inevitable, but humans are adaptable enough to recognize when we need to keep ourselves relevant in the world. We won't let the robots completely make humans irrelevant.

    Posted by: wkah
  • Automation may be a problem in capitalism, however, in the inevitable socialist society where all that may work will work, automation will lead to everyone slowly having to work less and less to produce the same amount. Automation will save society, not end it.

  • We can fight them with metal melting acid. Yes we do actually have this in stock in the USA that the government can use

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Stupidape says2018-02-09T05:17:55.7983953Z
Silicon valley billionaires are shelling out big bucks over fear of automation. "Hoffman told The New Yorker that some rich people fear a backlash against Silicon Valley as artificial intelligence takes away an increasing number of jobs from humans." http://www.Businessinsider.Com/silicon-valley-billionaires-apocalypse-preppers-2017-1
Kevin_Fishcer says2018-02-26T14:36:10.5637502Z
Short answer: yes Long answer/ my solution http://www.Debate.Org/forums/miscellaneous/topic/111566/

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