Are you for or against gay marriage?

Posted by: JDerry

Poll closed on 10/15/2017 at 12:00AM.
  • FOR


75% 21 votes
25% 7 votes
  • Gay Marriage is an amazing thing, it's where the same gender get married to each other and if people have a problem with that, they can't do anything about it because a lot of states legalized gay marriage.

    Posted by: luma12
  • I don't care if your gay or not as long they don't do anything to harm me, they can marry the same gender for all i care

  • It is consensual love between two human beings, who am I to discriminate? I wish them the best in life.

  • While it is against my religious beliefs I personally believe it should be legal. Why should someone else be punished for what I believe? That would be like banning doughnuts because one person is on a diet.

  • Honestly, It just look nasty. (Trying to not turn this into Does God exist) Also don't give me I was born this way Crap, you just have nothing better to do with your life than disturb social norm and cause trouble for everyone

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BOB_IS_SAVIOUR says2017-10-05T12:00:54.3239513Z
Rainbows are noce
Anonymous says2017-10-06T19:25:52.6919553Z
Luma, no, a lot of states did not legalize homosexual marriage, the federal government did.
sadolite says2017-10-06T21:53:03.5507740Z
Doesn't matter what You or I think, it was made a civil rights issue not a social issue. All that matters is what 9 people in judges positions think.
SkynetDesu says2017-10-27T07:50:21.8222144Z
Capitalman says2017-11-25T04:01:13.9960932Z
I really don’t care if gays get married
Fastkoolkirby says2017-12-08T01:53:10.1464200Z
Gays did steal the rainbow, but other than that, i do not care.
usslee says2018-01-12T04:35:38.4119908Z
Gays are blind to the truth plus God wont let them live with Him gay marriage should be abolished and for those idiots out there that think its ok well yall gotta another thing comin buddy just wait for God to tell you sorry i never knew you
100Clowns says2018-02-24T04:16:28.1274670Z
I don't believe I have any right to tell another church what they can do. When there's an issue is when gay rights folks want to jump down my throat about it, tell my church who they can marry and then proceed to make laws that make things FAIR, which starts to now govern religion.
Anonymous says2018-04-26T19:51:32.0597700Z
Its all depends on what the religion wants, so while I support gay rights if the higher ups in christianity dont feel comfortable with it then they shouldnt be forced to accept it

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