Are you Vegetarian or a Meat Eater?

Posted by: T8EDPros612

School Project, please help me out and pick whichever one you are?

51 Total Votes

Meat Eaters

Do you eat Meat and Vegetables?
41 votes


Do you eat Vegetables and Dairy?
10 votes
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Sirkillurass says2017-01-25T20:40:29.4293357Z
What about Vegans?
Doxy234 says2017-03-08T22:18:54.6215162Z
Lol im vegan beeeaaaachhhessss
jedi_scum says2017-03-13T05:33:21.2447501Z
Blackblood909 says2017-03-14T21:07:45.9949617Z
What about us carnivores? We're even less represented than you vegan scum. MEAT FOREVEERRR!!
123maxabc says2017-03-21T23:18:03.1538176Z
What if you are onmivorian?
AnonymousAthiest says2017-03-22T14:36:33.5593305Z
That's basically what they mean by meat-eater, since most humans who eat meat probably eat plant material. The few meat-only people are bat-shit crazy and have horribly unhealthy diets.
tigerswithwings says2017-06-04T18:16:53.0074649Z
Kendrick Farris, team USA’s only 2016 Olympic Weightlifting competitor is vegan. Farris credits his vegan diet with making him stronger, leaner, and more focused. When asked what changes he noticed after making the switch to a vegan diet he said: "Now, my body recovers a lot faster. I feel lighter. My mind is a lot more clear. I feel I can focus a lot better—not that I wasn’t a focused individual before, but now I feel like I’m totally locked in".

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