• Ariel

  • Elsa

27% 7 votes
73% 19 votes
  • Of course.

    Posted by: Fanath
  • i like ariel better. and ive seen the move more times and not started to say, "people its just a movie with lots of good songs. i know theyre good but not so good that you have to sing them everyday!!!!" so thats why i choose ariel

  • I like Ariel because I grew up on The Little Mermaid,that was always my favorite Disney movie.I think Ariel is attractive,sweet,loving, and I love how adventurous and curious she is.

  • Redhead. Your argument is invalid

  • Ariel is a classic there for is better than elsa

  • elsa is newer and she has better powers,a better movie, and made a real emotional connection

  • Although both have queer themes. Ariel longs for someone who has an "incompatible" body/sex organ type. Elsa obviously struggles to come out of the closet, and hates herself for her own sinful "longings," but ultimately only love and acceptance can save the land and herself.

    Posted by: kbub
  • She's basically a female Iceman (character from from X-men) in terms of powers. Which is awesome! Plus the way they developed her character was better than how they developed Ariel, which is ... not at all.

    Posted by: Owlz
  • Both characters have their merits and similarities, but i feel that Elsa achieved more during her movie than Ariel who basically just gets married and has a child.

  • Ariel made stupid decisions and almost ruined a bunch of lives because she was selfish.

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Fanath says2014-03-31T17:45:45.6625178-05:00
Oh, or.
seahawksfan12 says2014-04-13T01:17:19.7411602-05:00
Ariel is better because she's a classic character

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