Bad words

Posted by: Black-Jesus

This poll has probably been done before. This isn't a really serious poll. I'm just gonna put that out there before someone says I have too much time on my hands or something in the comments section. Anyway how dirty is your language?

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You don't cuss unless you are particularly stressed, angry, pained, etc.
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Dirty Mouth

Like the picture? Basically this is the same as Sailor mouth, but you try to refrain from cuss words around children, grandma, professional situations, etc.
7 votes


You hardly ever cuss and you can hardly remember the last time the thought to use those words even crossed your mind.
2 votes
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Potty mouth

You use cuss words like the S word, the P word for urine (I don't know if that would be moderated or not), and the B words and you try not to use them around children.
1 vote

"Sailor Mouth"

You curse or cuss or whatever frequently. You use the F word, the C word and the heavier side of cuss words and you do it in front of everyone
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TBR says2015-09-21T02:47:18.5561788Z
Just what is a "dirty" word anyway. I don't swear much, but I hate the description.
Black-Jesus says2015-09-21T04:08:24.4769524Z
People calling swear words "dirty" words or my description of the "dirty mouth" option?
Callie226 says2015-09-21T14:59:58.9055225Z
I wear worse than a sailor so whatever
reece says2015-09-21T20:08:44.2801947Z
@Callie226 So you're a pirate?

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