• Batman

  • Superman

66% 105 votes
34% 55 votes
  • Superman is to entitled. Hes practically invincible so the fights are boring. Now batman is probably the most human example of a superhero, but this dude can't hold a single criminal in prison. I mean seriously, how come joker hasn't been put on the electric chair by now.

  • The fact that he can do all that he does without super powers gives him the win.

    Posted by: dpm196
  • stap it!

    Posted by: yay842
  • He's just cooler

  • Please. This shouldn't even be a question. Batman is better by all standards. All of them.

  • because what does superman sacrifice... batman has scrificed lots of stuff

  • I think that batman is better than superman because he is the only superhero without super powers and he could still take down super villians.

  • batman is freakin awesome but im a batman fan so its not that fair but ya Im going with batman

  • Batman is more intelligent, relatable, and versatile and he has been consistently popular over the years opposed to Superman who fluctuates.

  • Batman is better because he knows the powers and the limits is to being a hero and Superman didn't trust himself as a hero he might have thought of becoming evil with his power.Also batman doesn't care if he has powers or not, he know he's a hero powerful or using your strength and ability to be fast or slow or strong. BATMAN IS BETTER!

  • Batman can't fly

  • Umm... Superman's only weakness is kryptonite, which isn't even real, so...

  • superman is a strong man than batman. he can also fly and carry everything

    Posted by: Farhod
  • In this debate at school and I'm on the side so I kind of have to vote for him

  • Batman is the hero earth deserves, but superman is the one it needs. We take that for granted. Superman wants to be mr. boyscout and not get his hands dirty but when it comes down to it he will sacrifice his crown of heroic virtue and kill. Thats what makes him better

    Posted by: rlawe
  • Let me ask you something, Batfans, which would be cooler, a grappling hook, or the power of flight? A cool car, or the ability to outrun a bullet? A bulletproof vest, or a bulletproof body? These reasons are what makes superman the ultimate hero. He could run into battle completely naked, with nothing but his fists, and come out victorious. You can take away batman's gadgets, money, and cars, and then he's just a man. You can't take the super from superman.

  • Watch the Angry Joe Batman vs Superman video on youtube. 10. Batman has never defeated Superman in canon. 9.Batman's plans don't always work. 8.Superman can protect himself from kryptonite. 7.Batman is not smarter than Superman. 6.Batman is not a better fighter than Superman. 5.Superman has better gadgets and weapons to use. 4.Batman would always need help. 3.Batman can die. Superman can be reborn. 2.If Superman is angry, Batman dies. 1.Batman has admitted that Superman would destroy him.

  • Superman is better because he can't die and he can fly plus he has a cooler suit. Batman looks like he came out of a black and white TV

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MyDinosaurHands says2014-01-09T21:22:36.4842990-06:00
I think this poll is too vague. Is this a question of who you like more or who would win in a fight?
kawaii_crazy says2014-01-10T16:56:06.6619636-06:00
Who u like more?
yay842 says2014-01-10T17:16:48.2645996-06:00
Who's better?
neonscissorluv says2014-05-29T09:38:19.5749763-05:00
I agree with evryone esle im pro for batman without his super powers superman wouldnt be anything,and all his battles both comic and movie versed are very boring because you know what to excpect in the comic 123 when batman battled thevillian who excuse me ive forgotton the name based on that one comic i could easily tell what the next one would be about he uses the same technique and never upgrades ohh he can fly or ohh he has laser vision batman can neither fly nor does he have laser vision yt he still can kick some major ass.For instance int he george clooney batman versus robin,they defeated poison ivy and mr freeze without anything but pure will or lets say you wanna go modern with christian bales the batman where he had to defeat the great bane,it was epically awsome first off.Batman got his freaking back broken and was thrown in a pit with a bunch of other goons,and WITH HIS FREAKING BACK BROKEN may i add for a second time he recovered forcefully and still defeated bane and saved gothom.If it had even had superman in it it would be so predictable,he would probably come in with his stupid flying powers laser kill bane and throw the bomb to some stupid planet or something...........With this evidence and even more i think its obvious that batman is wayyyy better than superman.
m4bell says2014-09-18T18:54:33.1922030-05:00
Um Batman beat up superman in one of the comics.
Ability2BeSneaky says2015-03-24T20:30:10.6191447-05:00
Think about it, Batman is completely smarter than Superman and Batman knows Superman's weakness. Its pretty easy to see who's better. Batman is doing this because he wants a better world than it is now.
Seraph38 says2015-04-18T04:44:26.9970884-05:00
I like how the Batman fans use superficial things like relatabitlity and denouncing Superman's powers in order to give Batman the "win" ... Oh, no, we get it -- Superman is so much better in any sense that makes him a superhero that it's only fair to take away his powers to validate how powerless he is... Really? While we're at it, why don't we just take away Batman's money, superior genes, senses, intelligence, etc. because those are the things that make him so good at what he does. If you have to qualify your position by making hypothetical situations where the opposing side doesn't have the edge, then you're just admitting defeat.
O_Bird says2015-06-02T09:27:50.3659232-05:00
I think Superman is better because didn't Batman admit that he would get obliterated by superman? Without his powers , Superman would be nothing, but what about Batman? Just as Seraph38 stated that Batman would also be a 0 if he didn't have money, superior senses, genes, cars, sidekicks, intelligence. That is what he relies on to defeat his enemies, while Superman uses his heat rays, flying abilities, and pure wit to defeat his.
patrickstar_17 says2015-12-15T16:11:46.8484874Z
Batman is way better
Supermanisbest1 says2016-02-20T03:03:16.5541261Z
First of all Batman is just a man, and Superman is a real superhero! Next, Superman doesn't need weapons because he if the greatest but Batman on the other hand is lacking the basic skills to level up to Superman. After all that Superman could go completely striped and still walk out a winner while Batman would die instantly! And also Superman has lots of foes but never hurts or does anything to them. An He also can save people day or night but as most "bat fans" know Batman can't. He is also good enough to and doesn't need a sidekick but Batman isn't as good as Superman and needs Robin to back him up. So which one is better, the one that dresses in black or the superior, more muscular one? You decide.
cantstopme81 says2016-02-25T17:43:43.2787999Z
Batman can make a suit that can do anything superman can do and batman has the last peace of kryptonite you would know that just read some comics if you are going to debate about some comic book heros ok
perso2345 says2016-03-28T13:52:38.3576111Z
I love superman people pick him
batmanrulzes says2016-03-31T00:21:55.3801119Z
Oh my say that superman can fly um he stronger who cares batman has the wepons evan a kipinight gun so all the batman is the loser you're wrong
JohnConner says2016-04-01T14:13:32.5126033Z
Batman for the ein
Skyboy63_Debate.Org says2016-05-17T16:04:31.2651054Z
Skyboy63_Debate.Org says2016-05-17T16:07:29.6678490Z
Who is the best superhero? Batman! Batman has extroridinary tech-items. He is super intellegent! Pick batman batman.Dc.Com/
rossl says2016-06-04T14:34:42.5397015Z
Batman and superman? Both are orphans? Both have an alter ego? Both have a weakness money and kryptonite? Both have one adoptive parent in there life? When all those things are used against them who would you choose really??
aacevedo0157 says2016-09-22T04:21:32.0300144Z
Batman sucksssssss
koolbreeze_61405 says2016-10-20T14:47:46.3829532Z
You can take away the sun or get some kriptonite then super man is useless
koolbreeze_61405 says2016-10-20T14:50:02.5299670Z
You can take away the sun or get some kriptonite then super man is useless
koolbreeze_61405 says2016-10-20T14:52:10.3054450Z
You can take away the sun or get some kriptonite then super man is useless
koolbreeze_61405 says2016-10-20T15:13:58.0618280Z
Batman is smart. And superman has abilities, but Batman is awesomer than superman WITHOUT powers.
Modatpro says2016-10-22T17:36:26.1457734Z
Its really obvious. Superman is one of the most overpowered comic book characters out there but Batman is far more better. He's more experienced, smarter and stronger if you think about it. Batman is one of the few people who defeated Superman. Just by watching The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, Batman V Superman and reading the comics who tell in how many ways Batman is better than Superman
koolbreeze_61405 says2016-10-27T14:40:28.5161855Z
Batman is SO much better than superman and everyone knows it!! People who like superman are just lying to themselves. I mean, seriously!! Who want to watch a movie about this buff dude from space, that wears a red and blue jumpsuit with a random S on the front, AND he wears his UNDERWEAR on the OUTSIDE of his clothes!!! I mean, what's up with that!!
koolbreeze_61405 says2016-10-27T14:58:10.4149925Z
Superman is also really scary-looking in some pictures. He's terrifying!! Not in a good way either. Who's gonna want to live in a world where there's a random dude who can't dress right, and he looks like he's gonna laser eye you down any second!! I mean, COME ON!!!!!
Jarrow says2016-11-11T05:37:32.4728097Z
Batman has a superior intellect and much better self control. Superman has been known to break out in anger and in full hate, and goes as far as to kill his enemies. Batman has never killed anyone, and refuses to do so, no matter what they have done to him, or those he loves. He has been put through much worse punishment, and has always pulled through. People who think superman is better are simply not reading up on their background info. If superman only has one weakness, and his skin is impenetrable, then he has never faced a true opponent. I will give that superman is much superior to Batman if he used his powers, but if it was man to man, or a mind battle, batman would succeed. Batman has never killed anyone in his whole career, and superman has done so on multiple occasions. Batman has altered his mind to see that the people who oppose him, are only desperate human beings, trying to succeed in making their lives better, or trying to bring him down, to show him how they feel. The mad hatter uses this against him, and puts him on intense drugs that would have made any normal man, especially with his background in Gotham from when he was twelve and his parents were killed right in front of him. Not to mention what scare crow does to his mind after drugging him with his fear serum. The fear serum is supposed to bring out the victims worst fears and bring them to life, making them go insane in their own realm of insanity and fear. Batman, even under these kinds of burdens, has still managed to keep his head, and fight for good. Superman has said multiple times that he doesn't trust himself, with the power he has, to stay good. Superman has a good heart, and he does protect the entire planet. However batman has faced people who could find Superman weakness, (which isn't actually that hard to find, cause others don't seem to have a problem with it), and destroy him, make him go insane, and make superman do their dirty work. Superman has been in the brink of losing many times, and he almost always needs some outside help to get through. Batman does this sort of thing before the cops even get there. Batman is better, intellectually, and he knows his own limits and the limits of others he faces. He is an extremely smart strategist, and has immense self possession. I feel for these reasons, not for super strengths, Batman is better then superman.
wolfey says2017-02-08T15:23:40.1415029Z
Superman is waaaayyyyy better than batman. I mean god superman has a ton of awesome superhuman abilities. People only like batman because he is tough and bc he wears black, and blah blah blah....
jadenc000 says2017-02-08T22:14:18.2829485Z
Superman has powers while batman dosen't
sissymissyuser says2017-02-27T21:26:21.3122853Z
I like batman because he is awsone and he is like a emo person and i also like bruse wayne so yeah
Prankz4Life says2017-04-04T21:00:18.2325173Z
Its human vs 99.9% invincible alien sooo...
anthonyzavala says2017-04-21T21:17:02.1591040Z
In think that batmans techniques are way better in advance
Angelsydjdjd says2017-05-07T04:51:13.3057672Z
All I have to say is super man can fly what will happen if he goes to space what is bayman going to do
fantasticmike360 says2017-11-08T16:12:55.9608078Z
Superman has superpowers like laser vision, flight, and super strength, while Batman does not, Batman just has bat-a-rangs and other tools. Superman is more super than Batman!
chickenfries1201 says2018-09-19T17:18:27.3696428Z
HE JUST SO F-ING awesome
fluffykitten3 says2018-11-01T16:11:11.9052782Z
1. Superman has superpowers. 2. He's actually invulnerable. 3. He's more ethical than Batman. That's why Superman is better.
Wemmer26 says2020-01-25T23:52:50.7809731Z
Superman is Way Stronger than Batman my Mom and my Brothers Would agree on that too Superman can easily take Batman apart Batman doesn't have Powers like Superman does Batman is just a Rich Devil In a Suit Superman is the true Hero Savior.

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