Belief in God is logical

Posted by: ZBestDebater

Is belief in God a logical choice? Choose your side!

  • It's a logical choice

  • It's not a logial choice.

41% 25 votes
59% 36 votes
  • If we break the difference between "Logic" and "Belief", Logic starts off as a belief. What I mean by this is how something became logical? By a belief about what could be plausible, and proven to show it meaning logic. If you do or don't believe in God, that is your choice; but following this system, belief in God is some form of logic.

  • I'm not arguing for any specific God (as i am a deist) But when you look at the metaphysics of the universe it becomes self evident.

  • For reasons I am too lazy to state.

  • It is highly logical, It gives u a sense of fear that whatever you do in this world,you have to pay back! Religion teaches us the true way to live our lives which is also beneficial for our next generation,environment and society.

    Posted by: Hasina
  • Guess that would depend on your logic. I use the assumption that ideas exist. God is just another idea.

  • Atheists have to believe that the universe has no origin, that life can come out of nowhere, and reproduction happens by magic. Theists, however, know for sure that the universe had a single supernatural cause that requires no cause, which is the only logical theory of the beginning of the universe; they know that life did not come from something non-living, and they know why reproduction can not be understood. Which is more logical: belief in the nearly impossible, or knowledge of the flawlessly logical? Obviously the latter, which is theism.

    Posted by: Bob13
  • Has anyone on here not heard this thing called the teleological argument? Aristotle one of the greatest philosophers of time took belief out of it and just went based on pure logic . Basically it states that everything made must have a creator. If you see a painting, you think "a person or animal must have painted that". Arguing against it is, "see that painting, I think it always was, see this watched I have on, I think it wasn't created I think that it just popped into existence for the person I bought it from .

  • I think that both belief and not believing are a logical choice its all a matter of perception

    Posted by: spyder
  • Theism has a very high form of inflect, the logical belief in God is both respectable and ideological

  • People have not proven the Bible wrong, or Christianity wouldn't exist. Therefore, since the Bible is still a valid source of information, it cannot be completely ignored as a fictional work. Because the Bible still holds validity, it is not illogical to believe in it. As simple as that.

  • I have to ask, "which god"? There a number of Gods. How is it logical to believe in any god or ideology when there are thousands of them out there? It's more logical to not subscribe to any deity, admit it is due to a lack of evidence, and change your mind should evidence pop up. To choose one god over the others means to side with something that has no evidence which would seem you think one is more possible than the other, when it is not. It's illogical, stupid, and primitive. We as humans should know better then that. Some will say the way the universe works, like gravity and beauty, that is all happenstance and we have no idea otherwise. I ask anyone who thinks otherwise to look at Earth, the size of it compared to the sun and other planets, their distance, then the galaxy, followed by every other galaxy till you see the entire universe. Taking in the entire size and distance and how absolutely deadly it is and how much it "wants to kill us". There is no logic in choosing something with no evidence when you can simply formulate what is reality based on what we know. It's never logical to formulate what is reality without evidence. This isn't the bronze or iron age. This is the technological age of reason and with all the information we have, compared to the creation times of religion, we should know better.

    Posted by: Berend
  • There are three different forms of logic. retroduction is the only one that can be considered logical in this realm. Retroduction is the least critical btw. Deduction and induction are far more superior.

    Posted by: reece
  • Oh course it's illogical..... I can't prove that he doesn't exist. However, since we've never seen God or discovered any evidence that he exists, it's safe to say God is improbable. If God is improbable, he most likely do not exist. Therefore, believing in God is illogical because he most likely do not exist. I think the same can be said regarding unicorns or any other mythological God like Zeus or Poseidon. However, the great goat God does exist. I know, I've seen him.

  • The most logical reason for theism I can think of is that every creation has a creator, but then who created God? God himself? Then maybe the universe created itself? Maybe the universe is some sort of god.

  • Ask me why if you really want to know.

  • In the Scientific Revolution, people were trading their beliefs for logic and reason. Clearly, most bibles throw these logical thoughts out of the window.

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briantheliberal says2015-09-29T02:32:35.5351733Z
There's nothing logical about believing in a magic man in the sky.
triangle.128k says2015-09-29T02:46:12.5829264Z
Logic = reason + tests scientists test things. Logic is absolute, logic=absolute=test. Reason is absolute, knowledge is 0. Knowledge is not a thing, we can't pour knowledge out of a brain, knowledge = information = 0, imaginary = belief, belief in god. 0 = information = god = religion, information isn't reason and tests, god = illogic, 0 = illogic = nothing = god
gabep says2015-09-29T02:47:05.1559374Z
U w0t m8?
triangle.128k says2015-09-29T02:48:22.6738281Z
Illogic is logic to the contrary, belief is contrary logic.
triangle.128k says2015-09-29T02:50:45.8533815Z
Atheism is theism, a belief to the contrary, atheism=theism, theism is not absolute, is illogic
Berend says2015-09-29T03:45:24.9584400Z
Triangle, you sound like Vi_spex.
harrytruman says2015-09-29T05:30:44.1688601Z
Well I have a few points to bring up, first off I have a debate already going so you will have to read that article i already posted; http://www.Debate.Org/debates/Do-Atheists-think-Pro-For-or-do-they-not-think-Con-Against/1/ Next off most of you are just strawmanning this debate.
Berend says2015-09-29T05:44:55.7964011Z
How are we strawmanning anything? Also, I hope you're not linking a debate that has an article in it for us to read when you could have just linked the article. Is it just your debate you want us to read?
UtherPenguin says2015-09-29T12:37:53.3245975Z
@briantheliberal Lovely strawman you have there. Oh so logical of you.
TBR says2015-09-29T13:36:37.5226079Z
It should be added to the lexicon. Vi-apecking an arfument
TBR says2015-09-29T14:36:49.9884049Z
Phone really mangled that. Vi_spexing an argument. I like it.
triangle.128k says2015-09-29T18:45:58.4014361Z
In catching spexified syndrome..
TBR says2015-09-29T18:49:27.2694972Z
Sorry... Had a small case of Vi_spex-syndrome there.
triangle.128k says2015-09-29T18:52:38.6978701Z
God is information, information is religion. God is nothing, information isn't physical. God is information, 0 = god
TBR says2015-09-29T18:56:57.6361462Z
Truth = 1. Triangle.128k argument is Vi_spexing the discussion. Vi-speck = real. Real = 1. Real = Truth. Triangles argument is truth. Qed
TBR says2015-09-29T19:03:57.8614273Z
Know what would suck. Say Vi got it all worked out. He publishes the most elegant work of philosophy in the past couple centuries. Then we would all be stuck with post like this - " Well, as you know '0 = my dog licking my face, wet face != pleasure, my dog is not here' - vi_spex" what do YOU have to say about that?
briantheliberal says2015-09-29T19:46:12.4109677Z
UtherPenguin, "Lovely strawman you have there. Oh so logical of you." - Your pathetic attempt at slandering my comment and falsely accusing me of "strawman" backfired. Feel free to hold your head down in embarrassment.
Anonymous says2015-09-29T22:15:07.9605955Z
@Brian Come on, don't stoop that low. You know you used a straw man ('magic man in the sky'), don't try to deny it. It's like when creationists say it's illogical to believe an explosion created order and life in the universe; it shows you either don't have a clue about the opposition's actual view or you don't care enough to learn or present an argument.
PetersSmith says2015-09-30T15:17:37.3036568Z
Religious beliefs seem to tear the members on this site apart, it's sad. It's also though source of many insults thrown about.
Black-Jesus says2015-09-30T19:50:29.5877307Z
TBR says2015-09-30T20:02:56.8425522Z
If you are conflict adverse, religion is not a good topic. Within believer groups or with atheists. It is naturally contentious.
UtherPenguin says2015-09-30T22:10:52.7985639Z
@briantheliberal Been watching too much Darkmatter haven't you? Because you're beginning to substitute actual arguments with strawmen. Though that's what you usually do.
JesusFriedChrist says2015-10-01T17:24:53.2739039Z
@PetersSmith Yes, it's very sad
reece says2015-10-01T17:51:43.0343856Z
@UtherPenguin Gods a metaphor just like sorcerers and talking snakes. Jokes aside, gods a self projected scapegoat of ourselves.
ZBestDebater says2015-10-04T20:40:06.5489080Z
For the many, many people saying "Which God", I have to say i'm terribly sorry. The title should've been, "Theism and/or Deism is logical". So I'm just referring to whether it's logical to believe in any kind of God and/or Gods, and i've made a few points which are: God can come from nothing or be eternal, because the universe came from nothing or was eternal It is safer to be a Theist or a Deist than to be an Atheist, according to the (Infallible, Invert Ad Populus does not make it fallible!) logic in Pascal's Wager.
reece says2015-10-04T23:10:43.3546530Z
@CanadianNinja The universe complexifies upon itself. Nature is the sculptor of everything you see around you. You can rewind the universe all the way back by using Doppler light Shifts to a single point which the big bang arose from. What happened before the big bang, we don't know.
harrytruman says2015-10-29T04:37:17.3863153Z

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