• No, men cannot be raped by women.

  • Yes, a man can be raped by a woman.

10% 5 votes
90% 43 votes
  • Where I live it is not considered rape unless the "rapist" penetrates.

  • In college, I took a class on domestic and sexual violence and the instructor told us she knew a guy who was sexually assaulted by an older female camp counselor. He was 16 and at an away camp, when one night an older female counselor came into his tent while he was sleeping and had sex with him.

  • And it actually happens a lot more often than people realize.

    Posted by: BennyW
  • This opinion is from the view point of an 18 year old girl. I believe that if you truly think a woman CAN'T rape a man then you are truly oblivious and need to get a reality check.

  • it happens

  • Yes, It's involuntary sexual advances. That's rape.

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Shady_kidd says2018-02-14T18:41:31.3387243Z
When someone is raped its not just about being hurt by it. Its when someone has been violated and their right to say no is taken away by force.

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