Can America really do no wrong?

Posted by: Skynet

What do you think?

  • America is always wrong, but they don't know it because they're jerks.

  • America is never wrong, but everyone thinks they are because they're jerks.

69% 9 votes
31% 4 votes
  • i hate to say this but america can do no wrong, they are the most powerful nation in the world and they can get whatever they want with money, weaponry or bribery easily

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Fires_of_Pagan says2016-03-12T07:19:26.2614222Z
Well this is black and white. Everyone is flawed, and everyone WILL make mistakes, even really big ones. Come on... Take it from a jedi; "Only a sith deals in absolutes."
PetersSmith says2016-03-12T07:24:30.5725729Z
Fires_of_Pagan: Isn't that an absolute?
snkcake666 says2016-03-12T17:50:25.8545853Z
This question is impossible to answer in accordance to the answer choices. The obvious answer should be neither. As Fires mentioned, this is strictly black and white, but no single decision is without the whites or the blacks, inevitably resulting in the grays inbetween.
Black-Jesus says2016-03-13T04:43:47.0165041Z
Yes, I agree, this is a false dichotomy
DeepInThought says2016-03-14T21:43:23.0835810Z
I have to agree with everyone so far on this one.
Skynet says2016-03-15T02:26:43.2995320Z
I have to disagree with the comments so far. The member who came up with this poll is clearly brilliant, and totally serious.
ElegyRondeau says2016-04-29T03:56:12.9809894Z
American is always right, no matter the situation.
Skynet says2016-07-13T05:30:59.7960525Z
Is it that people feel they MUST answer the poll, even if both the answers are bad? Kind of like our upcoming election! BA-Da-BAp....CHING!

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