Can men get raped?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

This isn't really a poll but more like a test to see if anyone is secretly sexist or misandrist! This poll has only ONE right answer and only ONE wrong answer! There is no "maybe" or "It depends!"

41 Total Votes

YES, men can get raped!

40 votes

No, men can not get raped.

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I'm so disappointed.

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PetersSmith says2016-06-30T21:21:18.4278879Z
TheWorldIsComplicated says2016-06-30T21:23:16.7420354Z
Of course men can get raped. A woman could drug a man and have sex with him, or a man could rape another man (Sandusky)
Elecman says2016-06-30T21:56:51.6947626Z
By definition, rape is an unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim. So if there is a couple together in a bedroom and the female locks the door and tells the male he can only come out if they have sex and he reluctantly goes ahead, then that is rape. Men are afraid to admit they have been raped because they are taught that women are not able to perform it and only men can rape, no one will believe them or they will be told that they're weak for doing so (just like Matthew Santoro said in his heartbreaking domestic abuse video) .
Black-Jesus says2016-07-01T01:57:02.3963383Z
@mostlogical @harrytruman, women can rape men. Imagine there is a great big, bodybuilding woman and a tiny, weak little man: she can most certainly rape him. Imagine the woman blackmails the man. Imagine she is an authority figure such as a prison guard or police officer. Imagine she drugs the man. Imagine the woman is an adult and is having consensual sex with an underage man. Not only is physical strength not the only thing that a rapist can use to rape someone, but the fact that men are stronger than women is only a statistical average: the weakest man is not stronger than the strongest woman, not by a long shot. And, @mostlogical, what dictionary are you getting that definition? Because all the ones I found say "one who commits the act of rape" or something similar.
mostlogical says2016-07-01T14:25:05.1297218Z
I got definition from oxford mini dictionary, rape = (of a man) force someone to have sex with *him* against their will. Women only have to ask for sex to have sex unlike men, therefore women who have drunken sex are assumed innocent while the man is guilty of rape despite being drunk too because apparently women are always responsible and can't be called rapists even if they do force someone to have sex with them against their will.
robert10jr says2017-05-23T02:10:00.7958154Z
Yes woman can rape the mens, but not desame way as ,men rapes the woman by force and still have orgasm, all men knows that if for example a body builder woman rape and force a men , like what most men do when they rape a woman, the men will 100 percent not get penis erection, so men and woman rape is pretty much in a different way, woman sure can rape men by forcing him to think lust and forcing a men to force him self to lust but to just hold hands and then put the pants down no way. Men connot get erection without some way feel lust.

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