• Captain America

  • Iron Man

52% 14 votes
48% 13 votes
  • The pesky government needs to find their own darn business!!!

  • not counting that stever rogers is a hydra soldier.... IT CANT BE....

  • Cap all the way!!! He's all about doing right without anybody trying to stop him from doing so and abusing their authority!!! Tony's just lost. That space to earth experience changed him. He's not thinking straight. I love him but he's got the wrong opinion :)

    Posted by: SegBeg
  • Iron man is a smart ass jerk, and is special because of Money. Does that mean Trump could take on Captin America

  • By Far

  • Just calling Avengers to take control could be better than UN taking control.

  • I hate Captain America! He's so boring! Iron Man is boring too but he's not as boring as Captain America. Both are boring in my opinion but Iron Man is cooler than Captain Aboringa!

  • Not only is Captain America simply a guy with a shield ... he thinks whatever he does is for the benefit of the world. In the movie Civil War, Iron man came to the conclusion that the Avengers needed to be more heavily regulated because they are inuring the innocent in the process of stopping... evil. Captain America simply believes that as long as what hes doing has good intentions, its good... He was also selfish to pursue Bucky...

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maslow says2016-05-31T15:51:25.8411072Z
IronMan no contest
Zlehn says2016-05-31T18:18:08.3978943Z
Captain America no contest.

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