Conservatives: If you had to pick a Dem for President who would you choose?

Posted by: emporer1

This is a poll for Conservatives and Republicans. If, for some reason, you couldn't pick a GOP President in 2020, which Democrat would you choose. You can pick any current Democrat. ( Note: please don't choose "none". I'm interested to see who my fellow conservatives choose, so avoid the temptation guys ;) ). Add your choice

24 Total Votes

Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro = my hero.
15 votes

Tulsi Gabbard

US Congresswoman for Hawaii's 2nd district, Iraq war vet and US army major.
3 votes
1 comment

Not Sure

... I guess this is a fair answer
3 votes
1 comment

Bret Baier

2 votes

George C. Wallace (D - Alabama)

1 vote


I see you looking at this button... Didn't you read the description... Don't you click this you rebel!
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AMcCormack21 says2019-03-07T15:58:58.6406914Z
Gotta love Bret Baier. While the rest of his media peers can't help but drone on about their personal politics, He simply states the facts from all points of view. That is how the news should work. I get he works for Fox, But I've never heard him explicitly state an opinion on a political matter. I really can't think of anyone else who shares news in a straightforward manner as he does. The only time in which I've heard him give an opinion was when CNN was told to leave the White House, And he stood up in their defense and said if they go, He goes too. While many people saw this as 'going against the party', He took a stand for what is right, And what truly makes our country great. If only we had dozens of him to give us the news of the day.

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