Could The Demons From Demon Slayer (anime) survive the DOOM Slayer (with the BFG 10k)?

Posted by: SlavMan69

I got into an argument with my girlfriend about if the Demons from Demon Slayer can survive the DOOM Slayer from DOOM Eternal (or from any game). I want to settle it once and for all, So would they survive?

Poll closed on 3/20/2021 at 8:00AM.
  • No, The Demons from the anime could not survive the DOOM Slayer or any weapon he has!

  • Yes, The Demons from the anime could survive the DOOM Slayer and every weapon he has!

100% 3 votes
0% No votes
  • No votes.
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SlavMan69 says2021-03-08T17:23:18.8355463Z
CHOSE WITH KNOWLEDGE OF BOTH TOPICS PLEASE don't vote for DOOM Slayer cos you play doom and don't watch the anime don't vote fro the anime cos you don't play Doom

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