• Pop

  • Country

69% 18 votes
31% 8 votes
  • Pop is literally popular music. I prefer it because of the enhanced melody, mainstream producing and overall phonetically pleasing arrangements. Also, I would've put the picture of Taylor Swift on the other side; her expertise as a performer is in the country genre.

  • In my opinion, most country music has a similar sound to it, and I prefer music where each song has a different sound and vibe.

    Posted by: Sha2
  • i mean pop music is the best music. country doesnt stand a chance

    Posted by: abj30
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Bernstein says2016-12-19T05:11:08.2994464Z
If it wasn't gor country, there wouldn't even be any rock and roll.
Bernstein says2016-12-19T05:12:29.8411691Z
If it wasn't for country music, there never would have even been any rock and roll.

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