Did Donald Trump really say "s-hole countries"?

Posted by: Debating_Horse

Do you think or honestly know if he said that?

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Avoid_Everything says2018-01-13T22:20:42.2050250Z
Even if he did, its time to stop importing low-skilled non english speaking charity cases. Let's help them with logistics to improve their own country. The US doesn't have the capacity to welcome 3 billion people in poverty.
MitchV says2018-01-15T14:10:55.3371938Z
No matter if he said those specific words or not, he was talking about the countries as being third world nations not the race of the people. He wants people who are better for this country no matter what race they are but your not likely to get the better people from third world nations. To me, it sounds like the whole reason why democrats leaked this is because they didn't want to work with Trump on a DACA deal, because it would give him credit, so instead, leaked comments done behind closed doors to blame Trump for DACA failing pointing to false claims of racism.
jefvvewq says2018-01-15T23:20:33.8279789Z
Nd2400 says2018-01-19T01:56:26.0652634Z
Hey MitchV. Long time no see. I know we still had lots to talk about....But i will just keep it a little simple this time and only talk about two topics.. Don't know if you looked at my world war 3 debate. But if you wanna read it here it is http://www.debate.org/debates/Are-we-headed-toward-another-World-War/2/ You know only one country have to do is lunch one nuclear bomb, to have chaos. You don't think we are close toward somethings bad happening like a world war. Then when do you think a war would happen? Do you also know this year we will most likely have a trade war with China? Read this article... Https://www.Wsj.Com/articles/battle-stations-u-s-and-china-prepare-for-trade-clash-of-the-titans-1516098604 This will not help either country... I could bring more reason why we are headed toward a another world war. Our leaders is about to rewrite history by making mistakes and miscalculation. You think trump know anything about history you would be wrong.... But if you didn't read the debate i would encourage to read it... Here the debate: http://www.Debate.Org/debates/Are-we-headed-toward-another-World-War/2/

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