• Yes

  • No

56% 9 votes
44% 7 votes
  • Yes. plastic surgery doesn't directly make a person stupid but people feel that they do not need knowledge if they have looks, and if they don't have looks well plastic surgery.

  • Can't see how a cosmetic procedure would lower the IQ.

  • Unless it's directly on your BRAIN, then no way! My best friend had plastic surgery because she had head surgery, and they needed to add skin back to the large scar. Women with breast cancer need plastic surgery, if it were necessary to get their original ones removed, to look somewhat normal again. You're increasing send confidence, not decreasing your IQ.

    Posted by: 192093
  • no it dosnt i got oan and i am ass intalogent ass mi mum (shee ad brests inplant)

  • I think people do not take plastic surgery. First, it will make financial problems. Because, we can be addicted. As a result, while we have to take plastic surgery, we will enjoy on changing our face In beautifully. In addition, if we take plastic surgery for many time, taking plastic surgery Will cause side effects. In fact, famous singer Michael Jackson had to take plastic surgery For a long time like rhinoplastic, and dimple. So, he got leukoplakia that change his Body’s color for a white and restrict his genital area before he had to take operation. that install a tub on his genital area, so it can pass urine. And then, when he’s leukoplakia became worsen, He was carried to the hospital by ambulance. Therefore, I think people should do not take plastic surgery. I think people do not take plastic surgery.

    Posted by: gamet9
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Bosoxfaninla says2016-03-12T06:26:40.2323607Z
More like stupidity causes plastic surgeries.
webnebula says2016-05-19T10:38:46.7416680Z
Plastic surgery will attract stupid people to you, so in this respect, yes, plastic surgery causes stupidity. Now as for actual decline in cognitive function, I haven't heard of this.

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