Do sexists know that they're sexist?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

If a police officer gets a call from a man who got raped by a woman and the police officer just laughs, does that police officer know they're being sexist? If a woman gropes a man in public and the man screams for help and one person just comes up to the man and tells him he's lucky, does that person know they're being sexist? If a teacher makes a sexist joke of any sort in class, does that teacher know they're being sexist? If a man gets hit by a woman and people just laugh at him, do those people know the

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Yes, sexists know that they're sexist!

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No, sexists don't know that they're sexist!

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PetersSmith says2016-06-21T03:21:03.4236660Z
Foodiesoul says2016-06-21T03:23:39.8481103Z
@PetersSmith What's so funny?
PetersSmith says2016-06-21T03:34:48.5463968Z
Foodiesoul: Your obsession with sexism is bewildering.
PetersSmith says2016-06-21T03:35:22.5390147Z
Foodiesoul: Specifically male sexism of course.
face1995 says2016-06-21T06:17:45.3095445Z
@PetersSmith I have an obsession with sexism too, except that I didn't ask questions having the word "sexist" in it. The kind of sexism that I mostly focused on was the world's bias on what shoes are strictly seen as feminine and masculine for formal occasions as well as daily thing as it seems that the style of formal occasion is invading the daily street dressing, because it just seems so radically opposite extreme. However, I would have asked so many questions about speciesism and cruelty against animals, except that I didn't because most people are too open in harming animals and eating their flesh for food, and they come with a library of excuses for things like this kind of cruelty. I, myself, am ashamed to be a human. Humans have successfully brainwashed me to eat meat intentionally for 16 years and 9 months, and to consume dairy, eggs, and honey for 18 years and 3 months. When I saw the statistics showing way too huge portion of the society trying drugs at least once, about 50% of the human population, and questions on misterpoll.Com and facebook asking about what drugs have they done or how many, more than half or even more than 90% mentioned that they have done illegal drugs at least once, so either are the statistics wrong, or the human population percentage on drug use increasing alarmingly high. This makes me wonder whether my mind will eventually be influenced into trying drugs or into thinking that drugs aren't bad for the body. The human mind tends to be weak, and resistance to change in any way is virtually not even close to infinity in any way. I've never been offered drugs, and not knowing how they looked like could have made me to unknowingly take it and get addicted to it. Therefore, DARE must show kids how drugs look like. When I was in 5th grade, I thought all drugs were just drinks to consume by mouth. We rather allow ourselves to be influenced by immersion and to blindly copycat it. I have a dream that in one day, all nations will prohibit people to consume animals and their products, and that mistreatment towards animals in any way will be a felony in all nations, and if not, then that all those who strictly don't want to go vegan by food, clothes, actions, and treatment, will be struck by lightning. Not that I will make it happen, nor that I will do harm to other humans. I would use those techniques strictly only for self defense or defending others, when the danger is present at that very moment. So yes, I would take away the firearm or any kind of weapon a hunter has while hunting, and if that hunter refuses to, I would take it away by force, and I would not care about getting into any legal trouble, because I would rather get in trouble by defending someone than not get in trouble by refusing to defend someone. I have a bigger problem allowing suffering, even if not allowing it gets me in trouble, regardless to the severity of that trouble I would bring unto myself. Don't like the way I am? Too bad. I'm not going to change, for sure not anytime soon.
maslow says2016-06-22T21:19:27.4548193Z
Trump doesn't

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