Do we have a problem with gender inequality in the United States?

Posted by: NewLifeChristian

A lot of people believe that we have a problem with gender inequality in the United States. Do you agree?

  • No, we do not have a problem with gender inequality in the United States.

  • Yes, we have a problem with gender inequality in the United States.

56% 9 votes
44% 7 votes
  • It is absurd to say that we have a problem with sexism in the United States. Where exactly are women treated as second-class citizens in America?

  • Wow NewlifeChristian where do you live exactly? Women are still paid less for the same job, they still have a much harder rising in professions as men, they are living in poverty with children due to absentee fathers, men want to control birth control and the uterus, AND men are seeking to punish women for abortions? So what damn rock have you been living under

    Posted by: maslow
  • Arguably, men have it worse nowadays.

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maslow says2016-06-22T21:01:38.8011690Z
Also, women are only revered as sex objects and not for contributions to society!
maslow says2016-06-22T21:03:27.9706688Z
Also women are only revered as sex objects and not for what they can contribute to society! NewLife Christian Your moniker is a gross misnomer.
NewLifeChristian says2016-06-23T17:59:53.5200100Z
@maslow I won't even bother to respond to that last part, but what are some examples of women being viewed as "sex objects" in modern society?
NewLifeChristian says2016-06-23T18:01:34.0002541Z
@triangle.128k That's not true at all. Men don't have it worse nowadays. Men and women are equal in today's society, no gender is being treated better or worse.
NewLifeChristian says2016-06-23T18:02:45.7295139Z
Actually I take that back. Boys (not men) do have it worse in today's society because they are told to act more like girls in school.
maslow says2016-06-23T23:28:08.8334612Z
@NBewLifeChristian : you are delusional as is what I would expect from a faux Christian.
maslow says2016-06-23T23:29:40.6556498Z
Triangle,128: you, too are pitifully delusional. If you have it "worse" it is your own doing.
maslow says2016-06-23T23:32:13.3026283Z
@NewLifeChristian: Let's see women anchors wearing low cut tight dresses being dyed blondes, every magazine having half nude anorexic women advertising every thing from cars, beer, to mens tools, women dating sites, women from other countries basically for sale...Really are you that blind?
NewLifeChristian says2016-06-24T17:06:44.0153738Z
@maslow Are you a Christian? If not, then who are you to say that I'm not a real Christian? I bet you don't know the slightest thing about Christianity.
NewLifeChristian says2016-06-24T17:08:42.5137334Z
@maslow They choose to do that. Men aren't making them do that, at least not in America.
triangle.128k says2016-06-24T17:29:10.6197082Z
@maslow Calm your fucking self, I know you're a cancerous feminist but you don't have to loose your mind over people disagreeing with you.
maslow says2016-06-24T19:41:58.1734936Z
@TRiangle128: Zeig Heil buddy. Just because you are biased and narrowed minded don't get your tightie whitie in a bunge. I am not a Feminist, I don't let myself be compartmentalized like you small minded little judgmental twits that have only spinal cord reactions to topics.
triangle.128k says2016-06-24T19:44:21.6845270Z
I never knew you were this aggressive and stupid, lol. You're hilarious.
maslow says2016-06-24T19:45:54.2654070Z
@NEWLIFECHRISTIAN: Hell no I am an atheist. I was a Catholic for over 40 years. But nonetheless I don't have to be a cat to know what a cat's behavior is, moron. (That is a metaphor by the way) Your ideology and comments are not reflective of a true Christian, they are of a tiny narrow minded, propaganda believing institutionalized, bible thumping racist, with a world view that is picked and chosen to meet YOUR whims and your world that revolves around your lent filled naval.
triangle.128k says2016-06-24T19:47:41.2435646Z
@maslow No true scotsman fallacy
Fernyx says2016-07-05T20:31:43.7120466Z
They aren't paid less for the same job, they are paid less on average across all jobs, and a new study from the Dept of Labor Statistics found women on avg work 42 min less a day compared to men.
maslow says2016-07-06T00:33:27.6541632Z
Triangle128K:Tu quoque ("you too", appeal to hypocrisy, I'm rubber and you're glue) – the argument states that a certain position is false or wrong or should be disregarded because its proponent fails to act consistently in accordance with that position

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