Do you believe homosexuality is a form of sexual deviation(paraphilia)

Posted by: haydenchristen

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Homosexual is an sexual orientation not a sexual dysfunction.There should be no empirical evidence to considered gay as a mental disorder.

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Yes, i believe homosexual is a sexual deviation mental illness.The DSM-II should not excluded them from the paraphilia groups.

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TDE1991 says2016-03-19T21:39:42.4890247Z
Psychologists have removed Homosexuality from the DSM many years ago. The argument of whether or not it is a mental health issue has been made by professionals in the mental health community. If you think it is, it isn't an opinion, it is just not true.
stephannoi says2016-03-20T17:52:38.7061335Z
Homosexual has been removed from DSM because of under pressure from the homosexual activist forcing the APA to do so but not because of support claim from the psychiatrist in fact several psychiatrist trying effort to oppose redefine homosexual as sexual orientation.
stephannoi says2016-03-20T17:56:12.6812199Z
During from 1960s-1970s the DSM-I and DSM-II has classified homosexual as a sexual deviation the same way with incest,bestiality,sadism,pedophilia,etc...)
haydenchristen says2016-03-20T19:28:10.3842208Z
@ stephannoi There many things that being misused in the DSM-II psychiatry group so it is not always a credible scientific resource which you can 100 % rely on.
countdooku says2016-03-20T22:12:21.0212406Z
@ haydenchristen Yeah you are right,psychiatrist aren't always correct.
Stonehe4rt says2016-03-27T04:47:31.0486221Z
Well if you believe it is a mental illness then why arent we doing anything help these people who feel compelled to be attracted to the same sex? If it isnt a mental illness then its just a really gross choice (my Opinion of course).
dathc says2016-03-29T20:29:56.2498081Z
@ stonehe4rt The term mental ill refer people who have unnatural deviate preference which homosexual is one them.
MaxLamperouge says2016-04-11T17:36:43.0792919Z
This is tough... Is it wrong? I believe it is. Should we hate them and call them names like "mentally-ill"? I believe we should not. They are people, and as John Kasich said - Its our job to love all people unconditionally just as God loves us unconditionally.
dathc says2016-04-13T13:21:03.7635016Z
@ MaxLamperouge Well,in some country homosexuality even punishable by death such as in muslim countries.
dathc says2016-04-13T13:22:21.2647984Z
Homosexual is socially taboo in large part of the world except only the western side.
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-05-27T18:45:48.6175265Z
Even if it is, it certainly feels nice.
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-05-27T18:47:07.7568338Z
Anything involving a penis or a vagina is a form of perversity. Nature created perversity. Accept it.

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