• Yes

  • No

53% 10 votes
47% 9 votes
  • yep

  • There might still be an organization of social and economic elitists that go by the name of the Illuminati. Now, is there a group of elitists that worship Satan and use his infernal power to gain power and influence to get popular media figures to succomb to them and put subliminal messages in their music and videos for... reasons? No, defintely not, that's-- I don't want to say retarded, but-- retarded.

  • The Illuminati is controlled by Satan. Satan has been plaguing people for thousands of years and now that we are living in the last days, Satan is ramping up his attacks now more than ever. Satan has people in the government that want to afflict his agenda on everyone he can.

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ChechnoNorwegian says2016-11-18T19:46:13.6088968Z
Yes, the Illuminati existed some centuries ago. This is a fact
illumimyzy says2016-11-21T13:58:41.1641837Z
Fitye me luxers

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