Do you believe male pregnancy could become possible in the future ?

Posted by: countdooku

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Yes if there is an advance in surgical treatment.

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No because male by anatomy is unfit for pregnancy

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Foodiesoul says2016-07-01T19:19:09.7580621Z
It could be possible but I highly doubt it. Females are always the ones who can get pregnant, not males. The only male animal that can get pregnant is a male seahorse.
stephannoi says2016-07-02T06:33:40.7387758Z
Uterus transplant could help transsexual woman become pregnant so male pregnancy could certainly be possible.
stephannoi says2016-07-02T06:43:09.3312206Z
There are already surgery treatment available for transgender male to become pregnant so why can't it be for transgender woman too ?
Wolfram says2016-08-03T06:43:36.4107908Z
The answer is no. There are too many risks involved with this degeneracy so it never will happen according to ethics and morals . Don't cross the line, degenerates.

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