Do you consider yourself to be an optimist or a pessimist?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

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A realist!

10 votes

Definitely a pessimist!

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Definitely an optimist!

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A cynicist!

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face1995 says2016-06-19T06:58:27.7646464Z
I'm not sure. My feelings on it varies from time to time and my way on it changes after a while. I was a pessimist for sure for over a decade, but it doesn't mean I have quit trying. I just feel inferior to many people and feel like AP students see me as such a fool and future minimum wage earner for life just for not having taken AP classes. Yes, I do go to college but although I haven't tried hard enough, doesn't mean I should be put down. Encouragement in form of fear free is the way to get someone to get back on track motivated, usually with some more techniques.
maslow says2016-07-12T20:54:34.5609242Z
In general a realist, but when I am on this site a pessimist because so many people who comment are stupid as hell
Foodiesoul says2016-07-12T21:32:37.9411456Z
@maslow I agree with you on that! A lot of people who comment on this site are idiots and morons!
maslow says2016-07-13T02:18:39.3959048Z
Foodiesoul: LOL!

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