Do you hate socializing?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

I hate socializing! It just tires me and bores me! I'm not a people person and I'm not that social so having conversations isn't really my thing. What bout you guys?

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OMG, YES! I can't stand socializing!

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It depends on the social situation/event.

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No! I love socializing!

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Foodiesoul says2016-07-08T00:01:44.6826074Z
@reece I know how you feel! When I talk to people, it also feels like they don't understand me or like they don't care and then, I feel like a moron! I just wish people could listen more instead of blabbering on and on and saying nonsense things! :/
maslow says2016-08-08T20:31:38.7606995Z
@ Reece You are one of the only people on here that can have an intellectual conversation! Don't sell yourself short.

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