• Yes

  • No

81% 13 votes
19% 3 votes
  • I have a dog, and 3 cats. Imagine that. The cats hiss and run away from the dog. It's like Noah's Ark in my house. My wife wanted them... well soon to be wife

    Posted by: Gabe1e
  • Dog and cat

    Posted by: Zlehn
  • Golden retriever, Sun conure, canary, hedgehog, soon we will get a wife for the canary and in several days we will get my brother a cockatiel.

  • 2 cats :)

  • 3 dogs.

  • Two Newfoundlands, one black and a black and white puppy. Two lion head rabbits. A cat. And possibly a horse in a month or so.

  • (Kali) A black lab, (Little Man) a boxer, a (Mya) 3/4 chihuahua n 1/4 Yorkie mix. And a lion head bunny rabbit named Milo. We use to have 3 hamsters named Nibbles, Poptart, and I forget the last one.

  • We used to have fish, then they died. Then we had a bunny that my mom is convinced was possessed and it died too. The bunny ruined all chances for additional pets. :(

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